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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. The weekend is ALMOST here, I can feel it; well almost. My legs will be feeling it soon. I hope you have time and you are ready for the extra-double-wide-expanded-twice-the-size-more-for-your-money blog spay-shul coming at you now.

Last night we were trying to figure out dinner. Central BBQ? We are close enough to walk to the joint. “There may be a line to get inside”. My wife asks, “What about that new place on Broad St?”. Oh yeah, Jack Magoo’s. I’ve been meaning to stop in the place for a beer. Now is my chance.

Oh yes. JM on Broad St.

Good to know they still care about the bike lanes on Broad St.

So we walk into the place and order a burger and beer. $8 for a burger and fries.

Here is your burger and fries.

and the cold beer.... Happy Hour price.

So what did I think of Jack Magoo’s? The place is good. The fries are better than Slider Inn. (If you want to compete, you CANNOT use fries out of a bag. At least make it look like you are trying). The burger was okay. The waiter said happy hour is 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 1/2 off beer. Sounds good to me. The service was pretty good. A band was warming up to start (Cornfed Mafia?) a show. “Testing, testing, 3,2,1 are we having fun?”. I may have to revisit Jack Magoo’s on the weekend.

The bar.

exit sign

See you next time JM.

That was Wednesday night. Thirsty Thursday started out with a deep discussion about breakfast in Memphis. I chatted with the manager of Republic Coffee about different places to get a good breakfast. Barksdales, Brother Juniper’s, CK’s, ect. (or even Coffee Town). Good chat. I would have another chat later on.

BTW Congrats to Republic Coffee for the win for best coffee shop in Memphis from the “Best Of” Memphis Flyer. The staff is hard-working. Tip them folks.

Work, work, work, then it was time for the Brooks Museum. We met friends at the museum and looked over some GREAT art.

Here we go.

And what is next to the Brooks Museum? The Levitt Shell.

Hungry? Corky’s BBQ is ALSO at the Shell.

2 sandwiches please!

After giving the woman $10, we had our two sandwiches. We sat on the bench in the back of the audience eating our sandwiches, waiting for the show to start. Usually the Shell show’s start right on time. Tonight there seemed to be a delay. We waited for a while, then decided to go. (We usually go to the show’s, but we forgot about the show tonight).

So, Memphis Flyer Best Of 2011. My opinions. Best Breakfast: Bro. Juniper #1 – Yup. Best Brunch – It didn’t make the list – How about Cafe Beignet? Go! Best BBQ – Central #1- Yup. Best Cajun? Pearl’s Oyster House made #3, I vote #1. Really, it is that good. Best Mexican food? Las Delicias #1 – Yup. (Food good, service needs some work). El Porton? Are you kidding? Best Vietnamese? Pho Saigon #1 – Yup. Good food, service is hit or miss, but has been hit lately. Best Home Cooking? Soul Fish #1. Yup. You really can’t go wrong here. Best Pizza? Memphis Pizza Cafe #1 – Yup. And I LOVE the salad as well. Best for people watching? Try Republic Coffee. It’s VERY interesting. Best Yogurt Shop? Yolo #1. Yup. And Best Service OVER ALL? Yolo. Really, they are great. Others should take notice. Best New Restaurant? Sweet Grass Next Door? Yup. Great place. Go! Best place for live music? Minglewood #1 -Yup. GREAT place. They did it right. Best Blog? (I didn’t win???) I Love Memphis Blog #1 – Yup. Great blog Kerry. Other local blogs for honorable mention? Paul Ryburn Blog, & Biking In Memphis.

I just saw the ad in the Memphis Flyer. Scott Banbury is running for District 7 City Council. Have a look at his website; www.scottbanbury.com.  Interesting.

Oh I almost forgot. I ran into the manager at Republic Coffee this evening. He said I DIDN’T win the Widespread Panic tickets at the drawing. Okay, next time.

Events? You want stuff to do in Memphis? Get your rest, it is about to get busy.

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

How about FREE a French Film Fest? 7:00 p.m. at the U of M, October 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th. We saw the Italian Film Fest which was GREAT. Go!

Friday night? Trolley Night downtown 6-9:00 p.m. We will be there, will you? Go!

Saturday? Greenline Birthday Party (I hear Freeworld will be performing!) and in the evening, Cycle Memphis 4.0. Go!

Memphis Events:

Trolley Night downtown 6-9 p.m. Friday night. Go get yourself some art and free wine and cheese.

Saturday- Greenline Birthday Party. 12-4 p.m. Saturday. The after party will be held at Shelby Farms. I- CAN’T -WAIT!

Saturday Night 8:00 p.m. Cycle Memphis 4.0. Go! Ride to Yolo!

Tuesday October 4th 8:00 a.m. Cooper Young. Bike to U of M with others for “Bike to Campus Day”. Read more about it from www.bikinginmemphis.com. Make your plans and attend this event!

How about FREE a French Film Fest? 7:00 p.m. at the U of M, October 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th. We saw the Italian Film Fest which was GREAT. Go!

Cooper Young BEER FEST! Saturday October 15th 1-5 p.m. Get your tickets here. I have mine, go get yours, and have a drink with me!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!