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Finally Friday has arrived Midtown. Put on your party hats and pop the top. The weekend has arrived.

This morning I had to ditch the bike again. My cold is not any better and I cannot bike AND have a cold at the same time. I made my way to the coffee shop with a bag of canned goods. Donate canned goods to the food bank, get a free cup of coffee AND a chance to win tickets to Widespread Panic. The manager asked me yesterday if I had donated yet. When the manager saw me this morning, he asked where my canned food was at. “I have it right here” as I placed the bag of vegetables in the box in front of the bar. For my vegetables, I received a raffle ticket (which I filled out) and my free coffee. Good for me and the food bank.

The weirdest part of the morning? Two different people approached me, asking if my name was “John” or “Mike”. “Mmmm… not me”. I guess I look like “Joe” or “Mike”. Then I was off to work.

Work, work, work and I was done.

I have to say, the Kindle library book I downloaded to the Kindle is GREAT. The book is “Fever Dream” by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. And did I mention the book is FREE to download to your Kindle from the Memphis Public Library?

We had dinner tonight at a well-known mexican food restaurant. I have to say, this un-named place is the worst. The wait staff is slow, the food is served cold and not good at all. This is the LAST time I will go here. I vote with me money, and I refuse to vote here.

Since I have to work tomorrow, I plan to hit the coffee shop early. Then maybe a return visit in the afternoon to read my book.

Get out, have a great weekend and live loud Midtown!