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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Here’s to you.

Yes, I am still fighting a cold. No, I didn’t bike to work today. Let me tell you all about the day.

When I arrived at Republic Coffee this morning, I gave the manager a copy of the “Lifehacker: Rules for a coffee shop”. The manager started to laugh and make notes on the paper. I believed all the staff would get a good laugh at the rules. The staff works hard. Tip them well.

Then the manager asked me, “Have you donated to the food bank for a chance to win tickets to Wide Spread Panic? You come here every day.” Hmmm… I’ve been meaning to bring some canned food to Republic Coffee. This evening I put some canned items in a bag and left the bag at the door. I will make a donation tomorrow, and so should you. Not to win tickets, but to feed others less fortunate. Read more here from the Republic Coffee Facebook page:

“In the continued tradition of giving at Widespread Panic shows, a food drive is being held right now leading up to the show on the 1st at the FedEx Forum to benefit the Mid-South Food Bank. If you’re headed to Republic Coffee,  bring a couple of items to donate. Most needed items include peanut butter, canned tuna, soups, canned beans, canned fruits and vegetables, and rice.”

Good going Republic Coffee! Please donate food if you can.

As mentioned yesterday, I was riding my bike to work in the fog. A first for me. Check out the foggy Greenline:

Into the mists I ride...Kinda creepy.

Then while riding home, I ran across this young man selling water along the Greenline:

Holla for a Water, It's a Dollar

I reported that Kindle will now let you borrow books from your local library. Well Memphis, now is the time. I ran across this caption at the Memphis Library Website.

Get your FREE library card, then get your FREE books!


I have already downloaded a book for the Kindle from the Memphis Library, download yours today.

There is a GREAT article in the Memphis Flyer about long distance bike rides. A fantastic article by John Branston; “A Bicycle Mecca“. (page 13 of the Memphis Flyer) I really love the stories about ordinary people who do amazing things.

Do not forget Bike To Campus Day:

Bike to campus poster 0911

I plan to ride, and so should you. Go!
Enter the Haggis. Friday night Levitt Shell. 7:30 p.m. Go! The event is FREE and I will be there listening to some great Irish music.
Cooper Young Beer Fest will SELL OUT people. Get your tickets sooner than later. I have mine, go get yours here. “I’ll only drink ONE beer”.
Alright, I will quit coughing and start searching for more books to download for the Kindle. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, beer, Haggis and more. And get ready for the weekend! Cheers!