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Short post today since the author is fighting a cold.

The Greenline was covered in fog this early morning. I have a good picture, but will post the fog picture at another time. My ride was slowed by my coughing.

Later in the day I purchased my Cooper Young Beer Fest 2011 ticket. Look out beer, here I come.

Returning home along the Greenline a dad and young son were selling bottled water for $1.00. I spoke to the dad about riding the Greenline, then I was off. I took a picture of the short salesman, but will post it at a later date.

Head over to http://www.bikinginmemphis.com for information about the upcoming ride early October. Go!

Supper was ready and so was the multitude of medications. I’m an hour away from sleep. No bike rides for a short while.

See you at the coffee shop in the morning. (If you are curious, I wrote this entry using the WordPress App. Very easy to use while sick in bed.)