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Two for Tuesday Midtown. This is “extra value” post. Just when you thought there was nothing going on in Midtown, I have more events for you. Hold on tight, here we go.

For the first time in many, many months I skipped my iced coffee this morning. I’m not sure why, it just didn’t happen.

The Greenline was slow for me this morning. I am currently fighting a cold. My energy level is not that great. My time was slightly slower, but I made it to work.

Work, work, work, then I was ready to start on the Greenline again. Here is where the day gets interesting. One of our vendors at work had talked about how he rides his bike downtown some weekends. He saw me leaving work on my bike and we started chatting about riding. He swears he will get together with me for a bike ride. I was really getting hyper talking about the Cycle Memphis rides and the Midnight Classic ride. By the time I left the parking lot I felt I could ride 100 miles without breaking a sweat.

I get to the crossing light at Walnut Grove and Shelby Farms. A woman is waiting at the light with her bike. We started talking about riding bikes. I recognize her as a regular patron of Republic Coffee. We continue to talk even after the light turns green to cross. She continued her ride around the lake and I made may way to the top of Shelby Farms.

Just when I thought the ride home would be “same old ride” I spotted the Greenline Mural painter hard at work finishing her work on the mural. I took out my camera and took a picture. They waved at me and I waved back.

More painting to finish the Greenline Mural

Well that HAS to be it for the Greenline right? Nope. Minutes later I spotted a woman with her young son taking a break near a street crossing. A guy came up and asked the kid if he wanted a colored “blinky light” for his bike. He was giving them away.

Apparently he was not giving out "blinky lights" to us older kids.

You never know what you will find along the Greenline.

After I arrived home, we figured out that soup from Pho Saigon would do me good, so off we went. I have to say the food is always good here, even though the service is hit or miss. (Tonight the service was “HIT”).

Hello egg rolls!

And here is my soup!

“Well, what else do you have for us?” you ask. Kindle is testing out library book lending in Seattle. Hold on to your Kindle people, and make sure you have your library card. I have mine Midtown, get yours, it’s free!

Wait there is more. Do you go to coffee shops? Once a week? Twice a week? Daily? If so, you better know the following:


  • Buy food when it’s lunch or dinner time
  • Tip well, if you don’t buy many drinks
  • Use headphones if you need to listen to audio
  • Throw away your own trash after you’re done
  • Keep all your belongings next to you in a compact area


  • Stay for more than four hours without buying something.
  • Camp a table if the store is busy
  • Hold long (2 hour+) meetings, especially if they are loud
  • Take or make loud phone calls, especially if there are others trying to work too
  • Stay the entire day, like it’s your office. If you really must work in a coffee shop all day, relocate to another one after about four hours
  • Take more than one seat
  • Hog a lot of bandwidth on the Wi-Fi
  • Ask staff to watch your stuff, if it’s busy

Thanks Lifehacker.com. Read more here from Lifehacker.com.

You need something to do in the morning? How about a short bike ride with other great people? Bike to Campus Day. October 4th at 8:00 a.m. Meet at First Congo Church in Cooper Young. (Or meet near the start of the Greenline at the weekend offender parking lot, near Mullins station) Ride to U of M with other fun people. Two words people; it’s FREE. And FUN. Go! Doug over at www.bikinginmemphis.com announced this ride today. I do not attend U of M and I am planning to check out this ride. Go, go, go!

Bike to campus poster 0911

That is it Midtown. To much to do and not enough time. Make your plans for the weekend and get out and live loud Midtown!