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This weekend rocks Midtown. Bikes, BBQ and beer. Here… we…go.

I picked up some Magic Hat #9 last night. I love me the Magic Hat.

Mmmmm... Beerrrrrr....

I woke up early, had breakfast, then drove to Republic Coffee. I had my iced coffee and read the news. The Commercial Appeal reports that the newspaper will start a “paid” edition of the newspaper soon. If you want to read more than 10 stories a month, you will have to pay for the newspaper. I remember when the New York Times went to a paid status. And I stopped reading the New York Times. It is just that simple. The Commercial Appeal wants to charge for the content the writers produce? I WOULD pay if I believed the content was great, or good. Unfortunately, the content is not that good. Read more about the story here, from the Commercial Appeal.

I finished my coffee and headed to the Jewish BBQ Festival. What? Yes, this is a very cool festival. I even sampled some BBQ from one team. I have to say the sauce was AWESOME. Make sure you attend this festival next year.

Yes, it is the Grills Gone Wild Team

The crowd was busy eating some great BBQ

No swine here!

Beauty and the Beef Team

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, You Rock!

You said it Mr. Pig

I guess Beef Pro Shops has already moved to Memphis

I predicted the kid at the far end of the table would win the Pickle Eating Contest. He did.

So we were driving to the Jewish BBQ Festival, when I spotted a garage sale with bicycles. I turned around to check out the bikes. $10 later I had my Schwinn Varsity bicycle. Surprisingly the bike was in good shape. When I arrived home, I pumped up the tires and tried the bike out. After a few adjustments, the bike ride was fine. The only down side? No shocks on this old bike. The re-hab will take a week at least, but I should have the bike on the street soon.

My new ride.

Okay, I had a great day. Get out and have fun Midtown. This weekend was great, but next weekend will be great as well. See you here tomorrow for more bikes, coffee and beer.