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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I am glad to have survived Monday, but Tuesday didn’t get much better.

I certainly did things differently today. Yes I stopped in at Republic Coffee for my iced coffee. Then I drove to work. Wait. What? Yes I ditched the bike and drove to work. I had a good reason to drive to work. My chances of working very late tonight were 70% I figured. If I had to work, my ride home would have been Midnight Classic Bike Ride with one cyclist; ME. It turns out that I didn’t have to work late today. So it’s back to the bike tomorrow, and I am glad to be back on the Greenline.

This evening we had dinner at Memphis Pizza Cafe. Let me say that M.P.C. should be part of the four basic food groups. Milk, meat, vegetables and Memphis Pizza Cafe. I ALWAYS get the house salad and ALWAYS get the calzone. I never vary from this combination. Memphis Pizza Cafe may not the best in town, but I have to say the food is always good.

I love me the Memphis Pizza Cafe Salad

Yes, I also had a calzone, but I was so hungry I ate the calzone and only then remembered to take a picture. Ooops.

Next we headed to the new CVS on Union. Oh yes, I remember the protest about the church that was torn down to make way for the CVS pharmacy. Before the haters send me hate email (go ahead, I will just delete it) let me state a few things. I am all for keeping old buildings in a neighborhood. I am not a fan of the new, square, faceless buildings. But if the neighborhood wanted to save the church, they should have purchased it. Secondly, my wife thought the service was better at CVS than at a similar pharmacy that had way to many customers. I will go to CVS if the price is good and the service is good. That is how I determine where to spend my money. Now on to the pictures!

The New CVS on Union

And INSIDE the new CVS, for all you haters who will never enter the building.

The new CVS looks like, well any other store. So there you have it. I purchased some blasphemous Jelly Bellys and exited the store. Sorry, I will not have a guilty conscience while consuming Jelly Bellys.

Party time! It's the little things in life,,,

Have you checked out Google Flight yet? Try Google Flight. Google does it right with this website.

Journey, Night Ranger and Foreigner is Wednesday night at the Fedex Forum. Yes I have worked a few Journey shows. The tour manager is a very cool, good guy. The question we received every show from audience members was “What happened to the singer? That is not Steve Perry”. Wow, Perry has been out of the band for over ten years. “Just close your eyes, you will not notice the difference” is what I would tell the upset fan. (And if you are such a big fan, how did you not know Steve Perry departed the band?) The end of the show is a big sing-along. Sing along to all favorite hits, you 40 somethings. Get your tickets here for Journey in Memphis from the mighty Ticketmaster.

Alright, I’m done for the evening. At least I didn’t work late. Start making plans now for the weekend. Get out and live loud Midtown. Just a few things to do in Memphis below.

The Cooper Young Artist Invitational is Thursday 9/15 6-9 p.m. The event will be located at the David Perry Smith Fine Art Gallery 703 New York. Get your art here.

Jack Magoo’s is opening 9/16 on Broad Ave. (2583 to be exact). I have been waiting for this. I may have to wind my way north along Tillman from the Greenline to get here for a beer or two. More information at Facebook.com.

And then there is the Cooper Young 4-miler 9/16 7:00 p.m. which should be fun. Get your race here.

And if you haven’t had enough, there is the Cooper Young Festival 9/17 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Go to this people. We love attending the event every year. Go!