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Finally Friday! Yeah baby! This week could not finish fast enough.

I started me day at Coffee Town and chugged my iced coffee. I need to get there sooner so I can hang out and chill. But I have to settle for Saturday to do that now.

I placed Metallica on shuffle, pressed play, and began my ride to work. Here is where things get interesting. 7 miles into my ride, a guy is sitting on the side of the bike path at the top  of Shelby Farms. “The gate is locked”, he says to me. “Uh what?” were the only words I could think of saying. He went off to see if a park employee was around. I rode up to the gate. Yes, the gate was locked. Hmmm…. I have to go to work. Soon several people were standing at the gate, on both sides, puzzled. “Alright, I’m going over the fence” I said. With that, I handed my bike to someone on the other side, then climbed over the Berlin Wall. The park is lucky that the fence wasn’t 12 feet tall and electrified, because I would have climbed over anyway.

Shelby Farms Fence a.k.a "The Berlin Wall"

Nice ride home from work today, except that I really wasn’t in a hurry this evening. I didn’t have it in me to ride fast, so I cruised along and enjoyed the weather.

That is all. You will find me a Republic Coffee tomorrow, reading the paper, a book or playing a game. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, beer, art and bike rides.

Do you need something to do? Check this out.

Art on Tap at the Dixon Gallery. 9/9 6-9 p.m. Find more beer information here.

Cycle Memphis is having a cool bike ride Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. starting at Cooper Young to downtown and back. Read more about the ride here.

Sunday at the Brooks Museum features the film “Midnight in Paris” on Sunday 9/11 at 2:00 p.m. GREAT movie. $8 for non-members. Check it out here. Go!

Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger will bring the 80’s back to Memphis at the Fedex Forum. Get your Journey tickets from the mighty Ticketmaster.com. And yes, I have worked a Journey show as well as Foreigner. “Don’t stop, believing…”

Here is where things get crazy.

The Cooper Young Artist Invitational is Thursday 9/15 6-9 p.m. The event will be located at the David Perry Smith Fine Art Gallery 703 New York. Get your art here.

Jack Magoo’s is opening 9/16 on Broad Ave. (2583 to be exact). I have been waiting for this. I may have to wind my way north along Tillman from the Greenline to get here for a beer or two. More information at Facebook.com.

And then there is the Cooper Young 4-miler 9/16 7:00 p.m. which should be fun. Get your race here.

And if you haven’t had enough, there is the Cooper Young Festival 9/17 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Go to this people. We love attending the event every year. Go!

I’m not sure who is writing the ads for Slider Inn, but we were just talking about the ads from the past. The new ad in the Memphis Flyer “Comin’ atcha from the backside”. Best ad campaign by far in Memphis.