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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Get a beer or mixed drink and enjoy.

Today began with an excellent bike ride along the Greenline. The ride was so much better than yesterday. I had a great rhythm and pace while I was riding.

Work, work, work, and I was done. Now I can’t wait until Friday evening.

The ride home was good, except for the hurricane force winds that worked against me at the bottom of Shelby Farms.

Dinner was take out from the BBQ Shop. Oh yeah, BBQ DOES NOT SUPPORT BIKE LANES ON MADISON. “I am spending money at your establishment. I am paying your salary as well as your employee’s salary. Give me a bike lane for crying out loud.” I need to put that phrase on a t-shirt. “Come spend your money, but do not expect us to give you a bike lane.”

We headed over to Side Street to meet some friends for a laugh. The weather is great for sitting on the patio. We drove by Central BBQ this evening. Did everyone in Cooper Young just discover Central BBQ? Every time we drive by now, there is a LONG line out of the front door. Wow. They must be doing something right.

A birdie told me last week that a well-known establishment that is frequented by MANY cyclists will be getting a bike rack in front of their place of business soon. ‘Bout time. If you have ten to twenty bicycles parked in front of your doors any given day, you may want to obtain a bike rack. Just sayin’.

Art on Tap at the Dixon Gallery will be held Friday evening, 6:00-9:00 p.m. Get your beer here. If you have not attended a beer fest, go! Many good beers will be on hand. Cheers!

That is all for today. See you along the Greenline Midtown. “Get up off your couch. Walk out your front door. Go and do something. Life is right outside, waiting for you to join in the party.”