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Welcome to Weird Wednesday Midtown. Get some coffee, pull up a chair and check today out.

First, let me share this email reply that I just received from City Council regarding the bike lane issue on Madison.

Dear Fellow Memphians:

We have received your emails and postcards expressing your opinions concerning bike lanes on Madison Avenue.  We have heard from hundreds of you with positions on all sides of this issue – from prohibiting all bikes on Madison Avenue to banning all cars on Madison Avenue.

While the decision about this particular street rests solely with the administration, we want you to know what the City Council has done during the past four years about bike facilities in general.

The Council has accomplished the following:

  • Mandated that bike facilities be incorporated into the city’s repaving program funded by federal stimulus funds;
  • Worked with city engineering and Shelby Farms on traffic control devices along the Greenline;
  • Facilitated citizen input into city decisions regarding bike lanes;
  • Initiated consideration of dedicated lanes on North Parkway;
  • Facilitated meetings with neighbors concerned about the impact of the Greenline;
  • Approved funding of $4.3 million for planning, land acquisition, and construction of the first three phases of the Greenway and for planning of the fourth phase.  The Greenway runs along the Wolf River and will connect Shelby Farms to the Mississippi River (22 miles) and will likely cost more than $21 million to complete.
  • Allocated $171,000 for architectural and engineering planning for the Harahan Bridge project.

Currently, the Council is working to complete dedicated bike lanes on Tillman and Broad to connect the Greenline with Overton Park.

Thank you for your continued input and your interest in helping to make Memphis a better place to live.

This email is from Strickland, Conrad, Flinn, and Hedgepeth. Just a few things I have to note. I see ALOT of information, but I am not seeing anything of substance. “Your mouth is moving, but you’re not saying much”. I REALLY enjoy how politicians can speak to both sides and appear to agree with both sides of an argument IN THE SAME SENTENCE. I guess that is why they call these people politicians. Shake hands, kiss babies, and agree with everyone to get elected.

The numbers above are interesting, BUT, “The Public Works of Memphis annual operating budget is in excess of $60 million and its Capital Improvement Budget averages approximately $80 million annually.” Hmmm…$171,000.00 out of a budget of 80 MILLION DOLLARS. Thanks for the pocket change Memphis.

Speaking of biking, I was able to ride to work today, the first time after taking four days off. The temperature was chilly in the morning. I was surprised by the chill in the air. When I arrived at work, a guy saw me riding my bike. Our business deals primarily with cars. The guy asked me, “If your business is all about cars, why are you riding a bike?”. I replied, “It’s fun. I have lost weight and I feel GREAT”.

Riding back home was interesting. I was carrying an extra small bag on my back and I didn’t feel comfortable. Then my shoe fell off. Yes, my shoe came off my foot. Not what I was going for.

More about bikes. The Commercial Appeal featured a story about Chris Davidson who was killed while riding his bike late at night. Apparently there was a witness to the accident who has come forward. I’m not sure what to make of the story. The facts appear to be odd and the police are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation. Read the story here in the Commercial Appeal.

We ate at the Slider Inn at Cooper and Peabody Sunday evening. This was the first time I sat down in this establishment. I guess the sign says it.

Put some south in your mouth.

The leg lamp added that special ambiance.

One Leg of Lamp to go.

Get your sliders here.

I ordered two regular sliders and one mushroom slider. Our friends ordered the opposite; one regular slider and two mushroom sliders.

Here are your sliders

Here is my review. The meat; good. But if you are making good sliders, why use cheap buns? That’s like buying a nice car and putting cheap tires on the car. We each had one slider that was cooked rare and had to send it back. French fries? How about some home-made french fries instead of potatoes out of the bag? The service was good and I thought the place was okay. Please work on the fries and buns. And Slider Inn has a good beer selection.

I have more reviews from the weekend coming up. Stay tuned for more Memphis City Council emails, sliders, coffee and 80’s rock music. See you tomorrow on the Greenline!

Cheers Midtown.