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Welcome to your free day Midtown. Are you loving the weather? I know I am.

I started my day late at Coffee Town. I chatted with the manager a bit and watched the world go by.

So what did I do this weekend? I did many things. I will break up Friday / Saturday and Sunday into separate posts, since there is so much information.

Friday evening a couple of friends arrived from out-of-town. Where do you take friends from out-of-town? Central BBQ of course. Our friends had the ribs, while I had a sandwich and my wife enjoyed the wings.

mmm.... good.

Love me the ribs

Spicey wings!

Finishing up my walk, I headed to Coffee Town. (Yes for more coffee). Ken was nice enough to offer me some donuts from Gibson’s Donuts. I have never eaten these donuts, and let me tell you, the donuts were GREAT.

Now it was time for brunch. How about some Brass Door downtown?

Brass Door

I ordered the Traditional Irish Breakfast, while my friend had the B.E.L.T. sandwich.

Very good.

The B.E.L.T.

I do have to say, service was very good at The Brass Door. And the food is good as well. Top notch food for a good price. Keep up the great work Brass Door.

After brunch we headed to the Borders book sale. I STILL didn’t buy a book. I’m still waiting for the prices to go lower.

Next up? Tunica. We have not been to Tunica for a LONG TIME. We cannot remember the last time we stopped in to gamble. Arriving at Sam’s Town, I started what I believed to be my lucky day. But doesn’t everyone think it is their lucky day when they arrive at the casino? My wife played the dice for a long while. She ended up ahead by $110.00. I was up and down for most of the evening. I did end up on a machine and started playing a system. Then machine has no memory of past wins or losses. I played 1 credit three times in a row. The fourth attempt I played 3 credits. I used this system for a few hours. The system worked well. I came out ahead on the one slot machine by $10. Although I think others believed I was the mid-south “Rain man”. “One, two, three, FOUR”, I continued to sing as I pulled the handle.

Since it was getting late, we headed back to Memphis and downtown. Where to eat downtown? We started at the Green Beetle.

The LOUD Green Beetle

The problem was that the band inside was so loud, we couldn’t hear ourselves talk. (Note to all restaurants and bars; people want to hear each other talk. We like live music, but if I can’t hear someone talk to me, I will leave. Just because you are loud, does not mean you are good). So we walked down the street to Pearl’s.

We have been to Pearls in the past. The food and service were okay in the past. I wish I knew who was cooking tonight, because they out did themselves. I ordered the shrimp etouffee and my wife ordered a steak. All of the food was excellent.

Awesome in a bowl.

Steak that was GREAT.

Do yourself a favor and eat at Pearl’s downtown. The food and service are excellent.

Talk about a great day. Great food, gambling and fun Saturday.

(There is much more food and fun coming at you Tuesday Midtown. Read more about the holiday weekend then).

No bike ride this weekend, or Monday OR TUESDAY. But come Wednesday, I will be riding my bike again. Get off your couch. Get outside. Go see a band, show, try a new restaurant. Just get out. Life is waiting for you out there. See you tomorrow Midtown.