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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Get ready, because I have stuff to report.

I woke up early and gulped the iced coffee down. Next up? The Greenline. I saw a woman riding along the Greenline with a dog in the front basket. Hey Dorothy.

Nearing work, I saw a woman cycling by at nearly 50 m.p.h. (okay, not really that fast). “Hey Ty!” she yelled. Nathalie, a long time reader of this blog yelled at me from the opposite side of the road. Good to see you! If you see me heading west in the evening, I will stop and chat for a bit.

Getting to work I had to deal with STUPID (well-known event General Manager). Funny, he never changes. Last year he told me where to go and what to do to myself. I made sure to point out to HIS staff what he told me last year. Every time I interact with him he attempts to pick a fight. I get so tired of STUPID that I do not bother speaking to him anymore. Just because you are SHORT and STUPID is not my fault. After I complained, “short round” sent his “underling” to play nice with me. I told it like it was. He was stupid last year, and he is stupid this year. The next few days should be fun.

Riding home along the Greenline a few things happened. I came upon the Graham intersection. I waited for the light to change to cross the street, as were others on the other side of the street. The light turned green, and then a car came flying though the intersection. The cyclists on the other side started pointing to the red light for the idiot to see. Just then a siren sounded. Yup. M.P.D. pulled the idiot over for driving through the intersection against the light. Thanks M.P.D.!

Then I came to the Highland intersection. Again I waited for the light to change. When I had the go light, I started across the intersection, as did the other cyclist on the opposite side. When I was nearly across the intersection, the car in the far right lane began to pull forward, even though I hadn’t finished crossing. I yelled out, “HEY!”. He stopped. He saw the other guy cross, so he figured he could just go. Please be careful out there everyone. It’s dangerous even with the crossing lights.

Next up? Cooper Young First Thursday.

If you have any information about the cyclist who was killed by a hit and run, please call authorities.

Reward offered

Please help if you have any information

We headed to Young Ave. Deli.

Cool Table Top Young Ave Deli

I had my $20 coupon for food and drinks. Cool. I had a beer


Ummm... Beerrrrr....

and a politically IN-correct sandwich. Good. (And I forgot to take a picture of the food!) Afterwards we sat and watched the band performing outside. Good evening out.

Oh yeah, we ran across ten cyclists who were meeting up at Cooper Young for a bike ride. I asked my wife “Why didn’t they invite ME?” As my wife said, “They are all in their early twenties. They didn’t invite the elderly for a bike ride”. Oh well. Next time young whipper snappers.

Cooper Young Whipper Snappers

Next up? The liquor store. Time to get ready for the weekend.


And, for some reason, the largest number of views today of my blog were of my pictures of Madison. The pictures of the boarded up buildings, broken sidewalks, potholes, ect. along Madison. I wonder if my letters to Memphis City Council were read? Hmmm…. interesting. “No we do not need any change along Madison!” Really?

I predict some fun for this weekend! Get out, have fun Midtown. THREE DAY WEEKEND! So many photo’s, my camera may explode! See you back here for Bacon Friday.

There are many things happening soon.

Speaking of Cooper Young, September 16th 7:00 p.m. is the Cooper Young Festival Friday 4 miler. Should I attempt the run? I haven’t run since last year.

Zoo Brew. Beer. Go. Great. Beer. Did I say beer? Did I say all you can drink beer? Get your zoo brew beer and help the animals while drinking beer. Get your zoo brew tickets here September 2, 7:00 p.m.

Ahoy matey’s. Pyrate Fest is sailing onto Mud Island September 3rd and 4th. And I’ve been told that the pre-pirate fest will occur at Celtic Crossing Friday Night, September 2nd. I may attend the festival just to look for a ring or two. Get more information about the Pyrate Fest here.

Cycle Memphis has a bide ride scheduled for September 10th at 8:00 p.m. Meet at Cooper Young. Just look for all the bikes. I really want to attend this event. Get more information here from Cycle Memphis.

Ready for music from the 80′s? Journey will perform at Fedex Forum September 14th at 7:00 p.m. Be prepared to sing all your favorite Journey hits at the end of the evening. Get your tickets here from the mighty Ticketmaster.

If you like the Greenline, make sure you attend the Greenline birthday party, October 1st, 12-4. I am making plans to attend this party. Read all about the party here.

Did I already mention a beer festival? How about another? Cooper Young Beer Fest, October 15th 1-5 p.m. $30 for tickets. Yes, I will be in attendance for this beer fest.