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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get your coffee and let’s get started.

I drank my coffee and worked my way east on the Greenline. Good ride this morning.

When I returned home, I noticed a few things. There was a large number of cars sitting in traffic at Shelby Farms.

Sitting in traffic

I on the other hand was not sitting in traffic. I was riding without waiting.

Open road for me and the bicycle.

Get a bike. It’s great.

The other thing I noticed were these signs along the Greenline.

Greenline Sign

Yes, I emailed Memphis City Council about the Madison Bike Lanes. But I also took the time and wrote a LETTER to Memphis City Council as well. (Letter: paper and ink, things you put in an envelope and mail). I believe mailing a letter shows that you took the time and effort to speak your mind on paper. Write your letter today!

Come back tomorrow for more love. And don’t forget to plan your weekend!

There are many things happening soon.

Cooper Young First Thursday is nearly here. Get out of your house people. See other people. Stop by for a bite to eat (maybe at the Sweet Grass Next Door), have a drink (Cafe Ole) and check out some art, or a band. Or get a coffee at a cool coffee shop.

Speaking of Cooper Young, September 16th 7:00 p.m. is the Cooper Young Festival Friday 4 miler. Should I attempt the run? I haven’t run since last year.

Zoo Brew. Beer. Go. Great. Beer. Did I say beer? Did I say all you can drink beer? Get your zoo brew beer and help the animals while drinking beer. Get your zoo brew tickets here September 2, 7:00 p.m.

Ahoy matey’s. Pyrate Fest is sailing onto Mud Island September 3rd and 4th. And I’ve been told that the pre-pirate fest will occur at Celtic Crossing Friday Night, September 2nd. I may attend the festival just to look for a ring or two. Get more information about the Pyrate Fest here.

Cycle Memphis has a bide ride scheduled for September 10th at 8:00 p.m. Meet at Cooper Young. Just look for all the bikes. I really want to attend this event. Get more information here from Cycle Memphis.

Ready for music from the 80′s? Journey will perform at Fedex Forum September 14th at 7:00 p.m. Be prepared to sing all your favorite Journey hits at the end of the evening. Get your tickets here from the mighty Ticketmaster.

If you like the Greenline, make sure you attend the Greenline birthday party, October 1st, 12-4. I am making plans to attend this party. Read all about the party here.

Did I already mention a beer festival? How about another? Cooper Young Beer Fest, October 15th 1-5 p.m. $30 for tickets. Yes, I will be in attendance for this beer fest.