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It is Sunday Midtown. Did you do enjoy Saturday? I know I did.

I worked my way up to Coffee Town around mid morning. I arrived at a good time to people watch. I read the newspaper and my book while drinking a couple of cups of coffee.

Then I was off to my haircut. The salon is five miles away. I haven’t attempted to ride my bike to the salon in the past. My calculations put me at the salon in thirty minutes time. So I set out for the salon, taking Central down to Southern, then to Mendenhall. The hardest part of the ride? Crossing Mendenhall. The ride took 40 minutes. Over all the ride was fine.

While getting my haircut, I met a friends ex-wife. We chatted for several minutes about riding bicycles. She said she really wanted to get a bicycle since cyclists appeared so happy when she saw cyclists riding.

I paid for my haircut and then headed to Gus’s Chicken on Mendenhall. This is the first time I have been to Gus’s. So I read the hours of operation on the front door and reached for the door handle. The door wouldn’t open. Hmmm… Am I at the wrong door? I tried the door again. The door suddenly opened. The waitress handed me a menu and pointed me to the counter. I ordered the three large chicken tenders to go. In just a few minutes I had my chicken. As I made my way to the door, I noticed that the waitress had to unlock the door. The restaurant locks the door during business hours? That is a first for me.

I made my way back home. For the return trip I took my time. My favorite bike rides are just riding at an easy pace, enjoying the day.

I found this along the way

good color.

I arrived home and unpacked my chicken. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was very fresh. My only complaint? The chicken was more spicy than I cared for. Other than the heat, the chicken was good.

Gus's chicken menu

Gus's Chicken Menu

Later we stopped in at Republic Coffee for the BIG Cobb Salad. Good as always.

I love this Cobb Salad

Next up? The Midnight Classic Bike Ride.

Let's ride!

I arrived early and picked up my t-shirt and number. Cyclists were already arriving by 10:00 p.m. I returned home and I put my gear together for the ride.

Yes, I was the only "Misfit" at the bike ride.

I then returned to the shopping center and waited for the ride to begin. I was very anxious about the ride. I felt very nervous, just like I used to feel before a running a foot race. And I discovered I forgot to wear my cycling shorts. By this time there were TONS of cyclists ready to ride. I saw two guys on unicycles and a man pulling a trailer with a dog in the trailer (the dog had a ride t-shirt tied to his back).

Check out the dog in the trailer

At 12:00 a.m. the ride began. Cyclists started the ride in medium-sized groups. I was so happy to start the ride. I began at a nice pace, probably 10 miles per hour. I could have gone faster, but I really enjoyed taking my time. We had the whole street to ourselves to ride on. Some were riding fast, others were riding slow, some took breaks along the route, some didn’t (me). When the route took us along Poplar, I noticed a huge amount of cyclists stopped at a gas station for a break, or drink. I continued to ride. Volunteers cheered cyclists on while giving directions for the bike route. I was enjoying every bit of the ride. All cyclists appeared so happy.

Nearing the end of the ride, we approached the bridge on Union heading east towards Walnut Grove Road. My legs felt good, so I increased my speed. Many others couldn’t climb the bridge quickly. In front of me I noticed a cyclist come almost to a halt and fall over. I asked if he was okay. He appeared disoriented. Others checked on him and I continued my ride. 90 minutes later I pulled into the shopping center parking lot on Highland and Poplar.

The ride concluded with a live band, free hot dogs and FREE BEER. Hello beer! And the beer was good; New Belgium. I stood near the beer line for some time. I spoke to several other cyclists who said they really enjoyed the ride as well. I left the parking lot at 2:30 a.m.

(For those of you keeping count at home, I rode 10 miles in the afternoon and another 16 at night).

If you enjoy riding your bicycle, you really need to do this bike ride next year. I had a great time and recommend the event to everyone and anyone. Go!

I woke up late this morning and we headed to El Porton for lunch. This is not my favorite restaurant, but I had a Groupon for the place. The lunch wasn’t great, just okay.

Then we were off to the Borders book store closing sale. I think I will wait until the prices dip below 70% off. Several books I want to purchase are still over $10.

I am beat Midtown. I had a great time last night, but the entire day took it out of me. Start making plans now, the holiday weekend is arriving soon and there will be plenty to do. See you here tomorrow for more books and coffee and bikes.