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The weekend is here Midtown! Get out and enjoy the day! My plate is full today, so let’s look back at Friday night.

Trolley Night downtown Memphis. The weather was excellent for a walk around downtown.

Did someone say “fire”?

Fire Woman

We met some friends near the Civil Rights Museum and headed for The Five Spot for dinner. This restaurant was new to all of us. I was skeptical about the quality of food, but I decided to give the place a chance. I am glad I did. Looking over the menu, we choose the steak and bowl of gumbo.

The Five Spot Menu

I really do not believe that there is any good gumbo outside of New Orleans, but someone stole his grandmothers receipe and brought this GREAT gumbo to Memphis. I was amazed how good the gumbo tasted. “Do not get a cup of gumbo, get the bowl”, was what the waitress told us.

Mmmmm... good!

How about that steak? Again, I was suprised how good the steak tasted.

Steak and sides. Very good!

Cheese grits anyone? I am not one who enjoys cheese grits, but I really liked these cheese grits. And how about the mashed potatoes? I am really picky about mashed potatoes. Let me tell you these mashed potatoes were good. My only complaint from the evening was the service. The waitress couldn’t keep up with our simple food order. Then she forgot my friends beer, even after we reminded her several times about the beer. Go to The Five Spot for dinner when you are downtown. You will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

“NO” standing in front of the door!

The sign says "NO" standing in front of door!

And some people just can't follow the rules.

And next is? Dokken in West Memphis at Southland Race Track. When we pulled up to the track, we were shocked how many cars were in the parking lot. Was Dokken sold out? We made our way to the Kennel Club upstairs and paid our $10 ticket fee. The club was packed. My guess 500 people showed up to see Dokken. Then I heard the sound system. What was wrong? Why did the sound seem muffled? I walked right up to the speaker cabinets on the side of the stage. Standing six feet away from the speaker cabinets, the sound still came out muffled and not loud at all. This was the quietest rock show I have ever been to. I have home stereo’s that are louder. The songs “Breaking the Chains”, “Into the Fire” and “Dream Warriors” were all performed well by the band. Except… the singer. The singer could not hit the high notes. For the song “Dream Warriors”, he sang in a lower key, that really didn’t sound good. We stayed for a good hour, but that was as much bad singing I could stand. A good part of the over 40 crowd was into the show, but you had to drink a large amount of alcohol to really get into the performance. A special shout out to the guy who brought his RECORDS (large, flat, round things that were played on record players, for you younger folks out there) to be autographed by the band.

We found this mint colored Saturn in the parking lot that appeared to be spray painted mint green. Okay.

The Mint-Mobile

Hello Tess.


Ribs from the Bayou Thursday night.

Lunch for work.

Get out and have fun Midtown. Plans for tomorrow? Nothing as of now. You may want to rest up for next weekend, there are tons of things to do. See you back here tomorrow, same time, same station.