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Finally Friday Midtown.

Last night we stopped in at the Bayou for dinner with friends. (Madison Business Owners: I am spending money on Madison! I want a bike lane please!). We ate the ribs so quickly, I only remembered to get a picture of the left overs right before we left. And I still have to upload the photo’s to the internet, so no pictures today.

This morning I was about to leave for work when I heard sirens very close to home. When I started out for the day, I discovered what appeared to be an accident at the intersection of        E. Parkway S. and Central (the North part of the intersection). I saw an S.U.V. and a bicycle on the ground. NOT a good sight. Police and paramedics were on the scene. I hope everyone is okay. Please be carefull out on the streets people.

Iced coffee at Coffee Town began the day, this time with a bowl of cereal, then it was off to the Greenline. I had a great rhythm this morning on my ride. The ride was very nice and easy. And whoever the commuter is who cycles to the west in the morning (& east in the evening) has returned from a few days off. I guess he was done with his vacation. (He has a large open, square, wooden box on the back of his bicycle. He is the ONLY ONE who has the wooden box on the back of the bike).

There are a few things occurring this weekend. TONIGHT: Trolley night downtown. Stuff starts at 5:00 p.m. Go! Many places offer free food and drinks. We are planning to have dinner with friends downtown. THEN… Dokken in West Memphis at the race track, Kennel Club. Tickets are $10. Great price.

Saturday plans have changed. My appointments for LAST Saturday have been moved to THIS Saturday. I am bummed because I already had plans for THIS Saturday. So now my plans are haircut (I am three weeks late with the appointment, just call me “long-haired hippy”), Hi-Tone Burlesque Showcase in the evening 9-ish, then the Midnight Bike Ride. Plus a restaurant review or two thrown in and another look at Madison to back up some facts. Yes, I will be very busy Saturday.

Speaking of Madison, please check the website www.madisonbikelanes.com. Contact your city officials! Tell them what you want! This is how democracy works. Government is supposed to work for you, not against you. From the Madison Bike Lanes website:

“We’re asking that you take a minute to send an email to Mayor AC Wharton, with a copy to the four City Council Members representing this district. Demand the 3-lane option for the entire stretch of Madison that is being repaved. Put “No compromise on bike lanes” in the subject line of your email. If they receive 500 or 1,000 emails in the next couple of days, it will have an impact on the final decision. Please do it now, because time is of the essence. Email addresses are below:

Mayor@memphistn.gov , Jim.Strickland@memphistn.gov , Shea.Flinn@memphistn.gov , Reid.Hedgepeth@memphistn.gov , Kemp.Conrad@memphistn.gov

Spread the word, and let’s put bike lanes on Madison!

Amazon.com has a Kindle E-Book Daily Deal. The deal today is Elizabeth St. by Laurie Fabiano. Get your deal from Amazon.com. The book WAS $9.99 for the Kindle, now TODAY it is $1.99. Great deal.

Another good book I stumbled upon is “The Bathtub Spy” by Tony Rachman. Interesting story here. Get your Bathtub Spy from Amazon.com. And it can be yours for the low, low price of $1.99. 

Remember, the Mid-South MINIacs will have a Scavenger Hunt this Saturday. Meet at 2:30 and go hunting at 3:00 p.m. Get more information here. Sounds like a fun event!

Alrighty, I will be a busy person for the next day at least. Get up off the couch, and put the remote down. Get out and do something Midtown! See you sometime and somewhere on Saturday.