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Hump day Midtown. Are you over the hump yet? I know I am.

This morning began with, what else, iced coffee. Then pedal, pedal, pedal, down the Greenline to work.

I checked out an article in the Commercial Appeal about the murals the city wants to place in the city. If you didn’t attend the I Love Memphis Mural party a few months ago, YOU MISSED OUT. FREE music, FREE Food, and FREE BEER. I am looking forward to attending the next event. What really surprised me was the negative comments from readers about the writer of the www.ilovememphisblog.com. I Love Memphis Blog shows great things about the city and life in Memphis. Yeah, let’s put her down for doing that. I live in the Cooper Young neighborhood, and have yet to hear one word from neighbors who do not like the neighborhood mural. Please place a mural along the Greenline. I read www.ilovememphisblog.com every day. You should as well.

While riding home, I met a person cycling along the Greenline at the intersection of Graham. I first spotted him near the start of the Greenline near Shelby Farms. He told me he had not gotten past Graham before. I told him to go along to the end of the Greenline.

Peter Frampton come’s alive… in Memphis. Mud Island are you ready for classic rock? Friday October 21st. Get your tickets here from the mighty Ticketmaster. 35 years ago, “Frampton Comes Alive” was released. “Do you feel like we do”. I worked a Frampton show YEARS ago. And no, I didn’t watch the show.

Speaking of Ticketmaster, Facebook and Ticketmaster have teamed up to let you share your seat location with Facebook friends. I can tell you where this is going:

Facebook messaging:

Jeff: Hey are you going to the Frampton concert? Shelly: Yeah I want to go. Jeff: How many tickets are you buying? Shelly: Well 3 or maybe 4. Depends if Matt can get a babysitter. Shelly: Matt are you getting a babysitter? Matt: Are you talking about the Foo Fighters show? Jeff: No, the Frampton show. Matt: Is Mike going to? You know he needs aisle seats. Jeff: I know he’s tall. Matt: No, he’s short. Jeff: Mike is 6 foot 5. Matt: Mike Williams is over 6 foot tall? Jeff: No, Mike Adkins. Shelly: I don’t like Mike Adkins. I’m not going if he is going. Jeff: Okay, I’m buying tickets from the scalper down the street. See ya at the show, maybe.

I’ve been there, and have heard this conversation countless times. Ticket sellers will HATE you when you walk up to the box office and hold up your Iphone and point, “Do you have seats next to my friend?”. Read more about the TM and FB sharing here.

Here is something new. Amazon Daily Deals has Kindle Daily Deals now. I will have to check this out. Read more about the Kindle Daily Deals here. Since I have a Kindle, this is something to check daily.

What did I listen to today on my ride to work? I talked about this band yesterday; Guns and Roses. I only own two albums by G and R; the first one and the last one. No “Use Your Illusion” Vol. one or two, no acoustic jam album. If you haven’t listened to “Chinese Democracy” give the album a try. No, CD should not have taken a decade to produce. But the album is good. Not great, but good. Have a look at “Chinese Democracy” here. I only obtained “Appetite for Destruction” last year.

Plans for Friday night include Trolley Night and the Dokken concert in West Memphis. Get out, and have fun Midtown.