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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Today is much better than last night’s migraine. The migraine left me with some blurry vision today, but at least I feel better and can think clearly now.

My wife made me some iced coffee and then I sprinted out the door, heading to the Greenline. I did notice the crossing light along the Greenline at Graham was now in working order. And during my evening ride home, police officers are sitting at the lighter traffic intersections along the Greenline. The police presence makes me feel better while I ride in the evening.

What am I listening to when I ride? I have been listening to Metallica lately. I usually press shuffle and start the ride. When “Death Magnetic” was released a few years ago, I really didn’t give the album much attention. Funny how your views change after hearing the various tracks while cycling. DM may be the sort of album you have to hear several times before you really enjoy the full playlist. To make matters stranger, I can’t remember how I came to own the album. A friend may have given me the album at some point. Give DM a try. DM is not the best Metallica album, but DM should have come out after Metallica’s Master of Puppets (you can forget all the other albums Justice, Black, & Load). The BEST album by Metallica? Try “Kill’em All” or “Ride the Lightning” (Kill is a landmark debut album with classic songs and Ride is packed with great songs that feels like a vodka induced fever dream).

I also listened to the Cult today while riding home. I just press shuffle and let the music go. Best bets for the Cult? “Electric” is a good choice. One of their latest productions is “Beyond Good and Evil“. Great album that didn’t get much attention. The Cult is an interesting band. Their sound today is nothing like their sound from the early days. To compare, try “The Manor Sessions“. This WAS the album “Electric” was supposed to be, until Rick Rubin changed things up and put a harder edge to the album. I have been to a few Cult concerts in the past. I even snuck into a show backstage in the late 80’s (Guns and Roses opened for the Cult back then. I watched Axl and the band members load their own equipment into a truck).

I found a notice today at IloveMemphisBlog about the food bank. Apparently the food bank is in need of food items. There are many places you can drop items off at. Please make a donation to the Food Bank if you can. ILoveMemphisBlog is a great blog. Check the blog out daily.

I told my wife I picked these flowers along the Greenline for her. Somehow I do not think she believed me.

Get ready for hump day Midtown.