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Now this is what I call a day off Midtown! The day is not jam-packed with events and places to go and things to do. The day has a moderate pace, easy-going feel to the day. If you wanted the double extra wide, expanded, directors cut blog today, you’ve found it here.

We started the day at Genghis Grill on the east side of Memphis at 11:00 a.m. Word to the wise, get here as the place opens. GG get’s packed quickly right after it opens. There was a line at the raw food stations at about 15 after.

Food being prepared

Ready to eat!

Better yet, GG let’s me take home the leftovers that will serve as lunch for a few days. Thanks GG!

Next up? A lecture by Rhodes College Professor Jeff Jackson at the Dixon Gallery. “Exploring Turn of the Century Paris”. I wasn’t sure how many people would attend this lecture. Turns out there were around 150 people in the audience. There were so many people attending the lecture the staff had to bring in extra chairs to seat the audience.

Dixon Paris Lecture

The hour-long lecture was very good. Having travelled to Paris many times, it was interesting to hear the history of this famous city. We both enjoyed the lecture. Even the question and answer period after the lecture was interesting.

Next on the agenda? Coffee and bacon at Republic Coffee. I picked up the latest Memphis Flyer and read some good stuff.

Books: “Call Me Tennessee” by Jeff Klitzner. After reading about the book in the Flyer, I really want to read this book. Read the article from the Flyer here.

Speaking of books, I am still reading The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. Good book. I am half way into the book.

And speaking of book sales, the Borders book store on Kirby and Poplar is having a clearance sale on books. 40-50-60% off books and other items. I didn’t buy anything, but my wife did.

Book Sale

Book Sale

I believe the sale goes on for the next 30 days. E-book readers are on sale for as little as $60.00.

You want movies? Check out the “Devil’s Double”. This movie sounds excellent. Read the review in the Memphis Flyer here. I will have to put this movie on my “to do” list.

The Memphis Daily News has an article about The Brass Door restaurant and pub. I am not a follower of this newspaper, but I just happened to look over the online version this morning and found the article. I wish the article featured more information about the food offered at the Brass Door. Salads at the BD are awesome as well as the B.E.L.T. sandwich. Get these two items if you stop by The Brass Door.

The Brass Door Salad

The B.E.L.T. Sandwich

Speaking of restaurants, I saw an ad for Mary’s German Restaurant in Collierville. I REALLY want to try Mary’s german food. While travelling in Germany, I lived on Christmas Festival foods. I LOVED the german food. Just call me “Herman the German”. Check out the website for the Mary’s here.

Slider Inn has had a couple of ads in the Memphis Flyer. These ads are interesting to say the least. I need to get by Slider Inn as well.


You have a big what?

Stuff to do in Memphis (or around Memphis).

Trolley Night is coming up soon. Our plans are Trolley Night then…

Dokken will play West Memphis (8/26/11) “Park After Dark” Fridays in the Kennel Club at Southland Park. Tickets are $10. Great ticket price. Show starts at 9:00 p.m. Read more about the show here at Eventful.com. A friend saw the band a few months ago in Texas and said the band plays a good set. So if you enjoy 80’s rock music, here you go.

Get your “Best of Dokken” here. You want some of that classic 80’s music? Check out “Breaking the Chains”, “Into the Fire”, “Dream Warriors”, ect.

Remember the Mid-South MINIiacs is having a scavenger hunt August 27th. The hunt begins at 3:00 p.m. Read more about the hunt with the MINIacs here.

Ahoy Mateys. If you are in need of a pirate festival, one is coming to Mud Island September 3rd and 4th. Read more about the Pyrate Festival here.

I spotted “Gravy” today while out and about. Here’s to you “Gravy”.

Hey Gravy!

And lastly, TODAY is the 100th anniversary of the Mona Lisa theft in Paris. Read more about the theft here from Global Newswire.

That is IT Midtown. Maybe a bike ride later today. Maybe a beer. Come back Monday for more movies, books, music, shows, and coffee. See you on Manic Monday! Cheers!