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It is the weekend Midtown! What are you doing?

My great plans for Saturday went straight down the drain at 6:30 a.m. I received a text this morning asking if I could work all day Saturday. This was not exactly how I planned spending my day off. The haircut bike ride was out, the garage sales I had mapped; out. The special food photo shoot; out. What was in? An eight-hour work day.

No, I didn’t get the chance to stop in at Coffee Town. No bacon or coffee. I did enjoy a very small thirty minute lunch.

I found that www.getmyperks.com is selling a daily deal for Tops BBQ. $20 for $40 for food. Here is the problem. Commercial Appeal already attempted the Tops BBQ daily deal. What happened? Tops couldn’t keep up with deal list. I had to ask for a refund for my deal, since Tops wouldn’t accept my voucher. So now you can get $40 of BBQ from Tops from www.getmyperks.com. BUT, you have to pick up the vouchers somewhere on Moriah Woods Blvd. 38117. I can’t print out the voucher, I have to pick the voucher up. Then I have to go get the food and hope Tops accepts the voucher. I’m passing on this daily deal.

The plan for tomorrow is a visit to the Dixon Gallery at 2:00 p.m. for a lecture about Paris. Maybe a bike ride as well. Maybe brunch in Cooper Young.

Sorry for the short post, work has exhausted me. Sunday should be a good day. Cross your fingers! Come back tomorrow for more garage sales, daily deals and coffee.