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Finally Friday Midtown. #18th coolest neighborhood in the U.S. of A. What’s shaking? Bacon anyone? I cheated and had my bacon on Thursday morning.

The alarm sounded this morning and I jumped out of bed and headed to Coffee Town. Thanks for the iced coffee Christina! Then I was off to the Greenline. Something was different this morning though. Here is where I strapped my lunch box to my back AND a laptop computer. No, not one of those wimpy small handheld computers. No, this was one of the old school, heavier than a ton of bricks, laptop. This ride should be fun. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, just a bit heavier around the shoulders.

A curious thing I saw near the penal farm. Two guys in full military combat gear were jogging along the side of the road. Wow dudes. That will toughen you up for sure. And I did remember seeing two people on the Greenline walking with a FULL military back pack each earlier this week? Walking with those two full, large packs was not as easy as it sounds. I’m not sure what is occurring, but if you want to get into shape, that is the way to do it.

My ride was uneventful, which is a good thing.

Riding back home in the afternoon was even tougher. Now I had the lunch box, laptop computer, AND my back pack with used clothing from the work week. I must have been a sight along the Greenline. “No, I’m not homeless, thank you”. The return ride was easier than I thought it would be, so no worries.

Arriving at home, we made a plan to eat dinner at Overton Square. (I’m spending money on Madison business owners!). We stopped in at Le Chardonnay for dinner. Our salad, steak and mashed potatoes arrived, cooked perfectly.

Steak and Potatoes at La Chardonnay

After stuffing myself, we went home to watch the world (or 38104) drive by on our front patio. Drink in hand, the patio made for a great ending of the work week.

Please check out www.bikinginmemphis.com. Doug has an excellent post about Madison bike lanes and what you can do. Please write your city government and let them know how you feel about bike lanes on Madison. Writing a “real” letter only takes a few minutes and will cost you very little in postage. Tell the city what is on your mind. Remember, government is supposed to work FOR YOU, not AGAINST you. Years ago some politician in Texas was proposing a law to require cyclists to wear special vests (???) and obtain permits to ride bicycles. I wrote the politician a LONG letter pointing out the  daily abuse I received from vehicles running me off the road, yelling at me, ect. It was the other way around. Why was this politician punishing cyclists? So, get out your pen and paper and let city council know what bike lanes on Madison mean to you.

Hey Juicy!


And check out the GREAT salad my wife made the other day. Strawberries, raspberries, and cucumber!

Best salad EVER!

So what is on the calendar for tomorrow? I plan on a bike ride to get my hair cut. (This will be a first for me) Then a special photo shoot at a newer restaurant I’ve never been to. And maybe a yard sale or two. Who knows what I can find.

Okay Midtown, #18th coolest place in the universe to live, get outside tomorrow and do something! Have fun and I will see you tomorrow for some fried chicken!