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Hello Thirsty Thursday. Or maybe rainy Thursday. Many things happening and going on, so here we go.

I woke up to buckets of rain this morning. This time I made the decision, no bike ride to work. I could have bitten the bullet and made my way to the Greenline, but I really didn’t want to deal with the rain.

I have written up a couple of short reviews of the Syfy show “Legend Quest”. Three words; TERR-I-BLE. So I watched the last episode last night just to torture myself. Yes, I enjoy watching train wrecks. Do others share my same opinion? Check out this review.

Thanks to the Cooper Young Facebook page, I learned about Bloomberg Business Week giving 18th place to zip code 38104 for America’s most fun and affordable city. We knew we were cool, but it is now official. You really can’t beat the coffee shops, bars, restaurants, Levitt Shell, ect. Midtown, we have it all. Congrats to us. Read more about it here.

Here is an interesting item. Memphis officials want your pictures of broken sidewalks and “the good, the bad, and the ugly of cycling and walking in Memphis”. Get involved and take some pictures people. Read all about the story here from the Memphis Flyer.

I am 1/2 into the book The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. This book is a good read. You can download the book from the Memphis Library for free or buy the book online.

I like music. I REALLY like music. I have hundreds of CD’s and a few albums. I can’t sing, but unfortunately I can remember the lyrics to music even years and years later. Worse is that I sometimes get the lyrics wrong. Hot Chocolate’s “I Believe in Miracles”? I sang the words “I Believe in MUNGO”. Now I am not sure of the exact definition of “MUNGO”, but I was sure it was something cool, like a beer, some type of foreign food or something to do with love. It wasn’t until recently my wife corrected my very wrong lyrics. In 1983 I was singing the song “I can’t get enough” by the band the Scorpions. “Monkey legs, stomp your feet…”. Monkey legs? The band is German. I was sure “monkey legs” meant something cool in German. It wasn’t until my friends pointed out my mistake, “MOVE YOUR LEGS, stomp your feet”. So I was wrong. (Bonus points; the drummer of the band wrote most of the lyrics for the band since he spoke english the best). The best mistake was “Shake you booty” by KC and the Sunshine Band (and yes, I worked that show as well). At the age of ten years old, I sang the lyrics as “Shake your boobies”… in front of my parents. Yes, they made sure to point out my mistake. I still prefer my lyrics instead of the band lyrics to this day.

That is all. Get yourself a drink and get ready for the weekend people. Here it comes!