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Wet Wednesday Midtown. Or hump day. Which ever you prefer.

I started the day by walking out the door and I was surprised that the skies wanted to pour rain. Do I bike on the Greenline? Do I drive to work? There wasn’t much rain, so I made the decision; ride the Greenline.

My total count of cyclists using the Greenline this morning THREE. One the of the cyclists bikes to work daily. I do not know him, but his bike has a large wooden box on the back of his bike. He travels west in the a.m. and east in the p.m. I go the opposite way. We wave at each other as we pass by. I wonder if he has a blog and wonders who I am.

I counted a total of FOUR joggers along the Greenline. Wow. The weather must have really scared some people off this morning. Although the path was wet, I had no problems.

Here is something new; what I listened to on the bike ride to work. I usually like to choose one band and shuffle the songs as I ride. This morning it was The Best of Saxon. Saxon? Yes Saxon. A little known fact, the actors in the movie Spinal Tap did research for the parts by following Saxon on tour for several shows. And yes, I have also attended a few Saxon shows in the past. The first around 1983. Get your “Best of Saxon” here. “And the bands played on…”.

I am about 1/3 into the book The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. My only dislike of the book is the heavy use of pirate lore for the story line. And I mean HEAVY use. I get it Mr. Berry. I get it several times. Mr. Berry beats the pirate lore thing to death in the story. Each and every chapter Mr. Berry includes something about pirate lore. In the next edition, please wind down the pirate lore. Other than that, the book is action packed. And my copy of the book is FREE! Thanks Memphis Library! Get a FREE account and start downloading FREE books from your library!

We were invited to a beer tasting tonight, but we declined to go. Maybe another night.

I made my appointment to get a haircut this weekend. Just the location alone should provide an interesting post and pictures. Here is a hint; fried chicken. This should be a good Saturday.

Okay, don’t be afraid of the rain, get outside, enjoy life, listen to music, write or paint or read. Do something!

See you again on Thirsty Thursday.