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Manic Monday Midtown. Hello work week. No, I didn’t miss you.

How was my day? I started at (wait for it) Coffee Town. Iced Coffee and a chat with Ken started my day. Then I jumped on the bike and headed to the Greenline. I really love the weather now. In the shade I could say it was “chilly”. Cooler temperatures are on the way Midtown. Good ride to work, nothing to report.

Work, work, and work. I was busier than I expected.

The ride home was the same. Nothing to report.

The problem I had with Inside Scoop and Tops BBQ? (My wife attempted to use the coupon and Tops didn’t have a list for the coupon to be redeemed). I have not been to Tops. This is not a good introduction to the establishment. I sent an email to Commercial Appeals’ Inside Scoop Thursday. I left a voice mail today asking what the problem was. Apparently I was not the only person with the Tops daily deal. Here is the quote directly from the email I received.

“Keeping track of the master list of orders sold at each location, turned out to be too much for them to keep up with.”

So I received a refund. Thanks, I think. This is the first daily deal that didn’t work for me.

Better news came from the library. I received an email Sunday that my book was available for download for FREE from the library. Cool. I seconds I had the book downloaded to my Ipod. What book did I borrow from the Memphis Library? The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. So far the book is very good. I like it.

The Jefferson Key: A Novel


Getting e-books from the library started me thinking. When you purchase an e-book, you can’t really share it with anyone, except maybe a spouse or very close friend. I don’t read books more than once. (It is a weird thing, I know. No matter how good the book is, I just can’t read the book twice). So you buy the e-book and after you read the book, it is then moved to the digital trash can. Music is different. I listen to downloaded music over and over and over. I wish book sellers would let e-book purchasers donate the same used e-books to local libraries. That would be COOL.

Very sad news to hear about the cyclist killed late Friday night. Please be carefull out there while riding your bicycle. Read more about the story here from WMCTV.

Groupon is featuring a deal for El Porton today. $7 for $15 for food at El Porton. Get your deal from Groupon.com. I guess the deal is popular, 1800 plus deals have been sold.

Wait, want more fun Midtown? Check this out. A frequent reader of this blog (who rides her bike on the Greenline, which is very cool) has asked me to write something about an upcoming event. The Mid-South MINIacs will hold a scavenger hunt August 27th. Meet at 2:30 p.m. and start the scavenger hunt at 3:00. This sounds very cool. Okay I don’t own a Mini, but I may participate anyway just for fun. Read more about the scavenger hunt here from Mid-South MINIacs. And the end of the hunt? A Mexican food restaurant! Double cool.

And if you have an event you want me to promote in Midtown or near Midtown, please let me know. Just comment on the blog and I will get back to you via email.

That is all Midtown. Get ready for Two for Tuesday, be safe, and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

See ya tomorrow!