Sunday rocks Midtown!

So what happened last night? The Brass Door! I have been wanting to check this place out for a while. We arrived to a crowded bar at 9:30 p.m. Although we sat upstairs, the service was good. We only had a drink each. The bar was very loud, even upstairs. After a while we left for a quiet patio.

The Brass Door

The Brass Door First Floor

Half barrel table upstairs. I want one!

The Brass Door Cellar Stage

The Brass Door Cellar Bar

Side Street in Midtown was the next place to stop. We ordered up a salad and shrimp on a skewer. The patio weather was nice and we could hear each other talk.

Side Street Shrimp

Mid morning we decided to make our way back to the Brass Door downtown for lunch, The bar had a few patrons doing the same as we were, looking for a good place to eat. We ordered the Brass Door Salad and the B.E.L.T. (Bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato) with chips. I highly recommend this sandwich.

Brass Door B.E.L.T.

The Brass Door Salad

The Brass Door Bar

The Brass Door Balcony

The salad was good as well. Melon, orange slices with salad (the menu stated “sliced strawberries, but I didn’t find any in my salad). The Brass Door Salad is very fresh. Get this salad. The service this morning was very good. Three different staff came by the table asking if everything was good. Bar and restaurant folks; patrons return when you take care of them! Good job Brass Door. And extra stars for the waiters who kept running up and down the balcony steps.

Next up? Thai Bistro which is across the street from The Brass Door. Well we didn’t go inside, but Thai Bistro is next on our list of places to eat.


Thai Bistro


Thai Bistro


On to the Flying Saucer for a beer. I haven’t been back to the Saucer in many, many months. The day was nice and so was the beer. This is the first time I noticed some of the more “distinctive” plates on the wall.

Beer Menu

"All 200 tasted like what?"

The owner initials are D.W.I.

Great name Tits.

After all the fun, I came home for a nap.

We waited for the day to cool down, then we headed to the Greenline (the Podesta crossing. You can reach it by heading north on White Station, then heading east on Mesquite. Turn left on Podesta and park on the street). We first went east to nearly the end of the Greenline. Then we headed west and rode all the way to Waring. Then we rode east, back to the Podesta crossing. The weather was excellent. Such a good night to ride our bikes. If you do not have a bike, invest in one and get out on the Greenline. You will not be disappointed.

Okay Midtown, I am done for the day. The only thing left to do is dinner, and a drink on our patio. Cheers!

Come back tomorrow for more beers, bikes, and new restaurants.