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The weekend is here Midtown. The weather is GREAT! Get outside.

I made my way to el coffee shop around 10:00 a.m. Instead of the planned book reading, I downloaded the game Tiny Tower. Addictive is the best word to describe the game.

Next on the list was the Trolley Stop Market. Located on Madison near downtown, I rode the four miles on my bike to get there via Madison. This route is not the best route, but it worked.

I ordered a burger and tea. The burger was okay but the chocolate cake dessert was awesome. Death by chocolate my friends. The Trolley Stop Market will be on my list of places to eat in the future.

Getting closer to downtown, I stopped at the Brass Door. One of the newest bars in Memphis, I snapped a picture and made plans to have a beer later.

Here is where my day gets very interesting. I have been planning a photo tour of Madison for many weeks now. So the Madison business owners think bike lanes are not needed on Madison? Why change anything? Madison is fine just the way it is. Well, here are a few pictures of Madison. Take a bike ride down Madison and you will see the same exact thing. These pictures are from west to east.

Road Work PLEASE!

Razor wire, for empty lot?

I’m not sure if the razor wire is to stop people from stealing the weeds, or to keep the weeds from escaping this empty lot.

One of MANY sections of broken sidewalks

And another broken section of sidewalk

Just one of MANY buildings for lease along Madison

You got it, another broken sidewalk

And ANOTHER building for lease

wait, there's more. If you need a space to lease on Madison...

Did someone say "broken sidewalk"?

Empty trash lot, across from Minglewood Hall

Pit outside Minglewood Hall

I was shocked when I came across this PIT outside of Minglewood Hall. I didn’t attempt to ride my bike near this “accident waiting to happen” hole in the ground.

Boarded up building number 1

Boarded up building number 2

Hey you get TWO boarded up buildings for the price of one! And right next to each other! Madison business owners, I am SURE “THIS” is the look you are going for. Why change anything on Madison. The street looks GREAT!

Trashy sidestreet

Somehow, some of the trash migrated to the middle of the street. I didn’t get a picture of the trash in the street, but you get the idea.

Who ordered a "broken sidewalk"? We've got plenty!

Not only do you get the boarded up building, you also get trash on the patio facing Madison. Great look!

And another empty, overgrown lot.

Who needs ANOTHER empty building on Madison? There are plenty!

But wait, there's more!

And another empty business.

This overgrown lot comes with a pickup truck!

Now this lot looks classy!

Hey, anyone need ANOTHER big empty lot on Madison?

I really like how the sidewalk just "ends". I wonder if the company on the corner planned that.

You could almost use this corner of the sidewalk except for the huge weed growing there. Hmmm... Maybe the city could put the weeds in large pots.

Shaded "rundown" bench

I think the graffiti adds a special touch.

And who needs more empty buildings? But wait, there's more!

I didn't forget Overton Square. These nice chunks of concrete decorate the sidewalks (and the street!). Great for tourists and locals alike.

And don't forget the boarded up hotel at the corner of Cooper and Madison.

I am only showing what locals and tourists see when they drive down Madison. Why change anything? Madison looks great now. Don’t you agree? Let’s keep everything the same. Maybe we can get MORE empty buildings and MORE broken sidewalks in the future. I hear that empty lots are all the rage now in other cities.

Just a hint; bike lanes on Madison. Go there! Spend your money in your neighborhood! Support local businesses. Tell the city you want CHANGE for the better. The present state of Madison could be so much better.

Alright. I am done, for now. Get out, and have fun Midtown!