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Bacon Friday Midtown. Finally Friday! Get your dancing shoe’s on.

Just when I thought that Greenline cycling accident of mine was nothing more than a bit of a bump, my body had others things to say about it. The body doesn’t react well to accidents after 40+ years. When I attempted to get on my bicycle this morning, my back hurt so much, I could barely get in the saddle. Yeah, my back feels like it was hit with a bat, repeatedly. I can’t wait for the ride home tonight.

I must have been slower this morning, since it took me five minutes longer to get to work. And I am STILL looking for my cycling computer. I REALLY like averages, and like to see my average speed when I ride my bike. No such thing today. I guess I get to search all my shorts pockets for the missing bike computer.

Oh and the bike feels good. There are no weird sounds coming from my pedals. I am back on the Greenline! Thank you Peddler Bike Shop!

I read in the news today that Jani Lane of Warrant passed away yesterday. Many rock stars are burning out this year (“it’s better to burn out, than fade away” well not really). I was never a big fan of Warrant, but the news of his passing is sad.

Matthew Pepper is resigning from the Memphis Animal services position. I have read about some of the controversy his job has encountered. I don’t blame him for throwing in the towel. It wasn’t his fault. The situation was no win for anyone who took the job. Good luck to his successor. Read all about the story in the Commercial Appeal here. (And if you are an animal activist who wants to comment about this post, forget about it. I don’t have cats or dogs or a goldfish. But I do have plants. I you suspect anyone of abusing plants…)

I emailed the Inside Scoop Daily Deal staff yesterday asking why the staff at Tops BBQ would not redeem my voucher. I have yet to receive a response. I haven’t been to Tops BBQ, but telling customers they cannot redeem valid coupons is not the best way to attract new customers. I’ve paid my money, I would like the product please.

I am not sure of the plans for tomorrow. Republic Coffee for some reading and relaxing and iced coffee is on the agenda. Maybe the Trolley Stop Market. I’ve been meaning to get by this place.

Whatever you do, stay cool. Get out, see stuff and have a GREAT weekend. Cheers!