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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Or should I say Weird Wednesday.

Stopping in at Coffee Town this morning, I chatted with the new manager David about my Greenline wreck. If you need something while having your coffee, just ask David. Great guy and a great manager.

Next up, Peddler Bike shop on Highland. “Can you PLEASE fix my Greenline Yugo?”. One hour later the shop called. Yes they can fix the bottom bracket. The bike was ready to pick up later in the day. Excellent. Thank you Peddler. (I rode around for a bit later on. My bike rides GREAT!)

Work, work, work.

I arrived at home expecting ribs from Tops BBQ. I had purchased a daily deal from the Commercial Appeal’s Inside Scoop. $10 for $20 for food. So my wife stops in at Tops BBQ to pick up dinner. “Oh we don’t have “the list”. We haven’t had the list since Sunday”. Apparently the mysterious list is a requirement to redeem said Tops BBQ coupons. Wow. So Tops couldn’t just accept our coupon and check the list later? My wife and I usually try to scam most restaurants on a daily basis. Yup. Don’t trust us. Yes, the complaint letter has been sent.

So instead of Tops BBQ, we headed to La Chardonnay. Sliders and wings thank you. Yes, we used our daily deal coupon for the meal. This restaurant accepted our deal.

I drove by Slider Inn this evening. The new restaurant looked packed with patrons.

Please go to www.madisonbikelanes.com to read about the online petition for bike lanes on Madison. Sign the petition! Read more about the petition here in the Commercial Appeal.

Currently watching television “Behind the Burly Q” about burlesque culture. Great show.

On the menu for tomorrow? Coffee and the Greenline. Stay cool and get ready for the weekend Midtown.