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Alright, you want more, here’s more. I left work and wound my down the Greenline. The ride was fine, ALMOST. Just as I was about to come upon the Holmes Bridge (it is currently torn down, only 1/2 mile from the Greenline western end), a couple on bicycles passed me. The couple passed the bridge, then slowed down immediately. The woman came to a stop on the left side of the path and the husband “almost” came to a stop on the right side. I thought that was an odd manuever, but whatever. They must be stopping to drink water I thought. I wasn’t close enough to say “Passing on you left” which I usually say when I pass other cyclists. The guy who is almost at a dead stop pulls out onto the path to do a u-turn. I am doing about 12 m.p.h. Even if I wanted to, there is now way I can stop in time. I attempted to turn left to miss his bicycle, but that was the direction he was headed in as well. Yeah, I hit him. The good news is that the guy had some serious weight on him. I hit him full on, and the back-end of my bike went into the air, but he pretty much caught me with his body. Then my bike returned to the ground. Ouch. My tool kit, water, and lunch box were all over the Greenline. My face hurt, as well as my left upper thigh muscle. He kept asking if I was hurt. I walked around for some time to work out my thigh muscle. I am okay. My face will probably be bruised tomorrow.

Reviewing the accident, there are a few things to note. NEVER assume someone is just stopping. That is what it “looked like” the couple was doing, but apparently not. Oh yeah, try to stay on your right. The woman stopped on the left side of the bike path. Yeah, he did a u-turn without looking, but I should have slowed down. No hard feelings to the guy. I am okay and the bike is okay. Chalk the incident up to experience.

Be careful out there kids 🙂