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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I am glad you have survived Monday.

Picking up from yesterday, I discovered that my bottom bracket on my bicycle needs to be tightened and I do not have the proper tools to do the job. I WAS going to call bike shops asking for a price to tighten said bracket today, but I was just to busy at work to the calling around.

Stranger still, I WAS going to ride a borrowed bicycle to work, except as I was getting nearer to the Greenline, I began to have a sinking feeling. What if it rains tonight? I’m working late, and I do not have a light on the borrowed bicycle. Having to ride home in the rain without a light did not sound promising. I pulled the trigger and cancelled the bike to work day. As much as I wanted to ride to work, I just couldn’t convince myself it was a good idea. As it turns out, it was for the best I didn’t ride my bike today. When I arrived at work, I discovered someone wanted me to work way later than usual. Yup, I worked until 10:30 p.m. At least now I have the extra money to fix my broken bracket.

I spotted the SENDtoReader web app at the Lifehacker website. Find articles on the web and you want to read them later with your Kindle? Just add the SENDtoREADER app and transfer those documents to your Kindle. I really want to try the app out. Read all about SENDtoREADER here.

Are you at the Pete Best concert at the Levitt Shell? The show should be fun. “Shake it up baby now. Twist and Shout!”

My new bike shorts arrived in the mail. The shorts look comfortable as well. And I am still looking for more bicycle shorts at the discounted rate. Wish me luck.

I am pretty beat today. I thought I would write something from Coffee Town. Instead I drank coffee and attempted to wake up. Better luck tomorrow.

Cooper Young, are you ready for desserts? The Sweetlife Bakery is headed our way. “Pies, cakes and pastries” are on the menu at 2185 Young. The planned opening date? September 16th. Read all about the Sweetlife here from the Commercial Appeal. “Ride my bike to the Sweetlife Shop”. Marking my calendar… now… for the bakery opening. Sweet!

That is all Midtown. Come back tomorrow for more desserts, bikes, and coffee.