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Mad Monday Midtown. Anyone want to help me tighten my bottom bracket? No, that is not a sexual thing. I am almost positive I need my bottom bracket tightened on my bicycle. I may have to use a second mens bicycle tomorrow. Although the bicycle may be better, it is not MY bicycle. Hmmm… something I will have to work on. And now I know why those bicycle tools are skinny. Yeah, my big dumb wrenches are to fat.

I made it to Coffee Town late this morning. I even took my coffee to go, something I never do. Pedal, pedal, pedal and I am at work. My work day that was supposed to be easy, turned out to be CRAZY.

Work, work, work and I was done. My bike ride home on the Greenline was troublesome. About six miles into the ride, my bicycle starts making odd noises. A bit of a wobbling going on near the pedals. Very frustrating. I completed the ride, although I was not happy.

The Commercial Appeal features a good article about Pete Best and the Beatles. “I was in the Beatles, until they became famous”. Tough break man. Although from the interview in the paper, Pete cam across as being a happy person today. Read the article here. Go to the Pete Best show at the Levitt Shell Tuesday evening.

I look forward to Tuesday being a better day. Maybe TWO cups of coffee tomorrow. Come back tomorrow for more bacon, bikes and beers.


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