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It is Sunday, and the heat is on. Big time Midtown. Are you roasting? Are you ready? Here we go.

We rolled into Republic Coffee around 10:00 a.m. this morning. The place was packed! I mean, we had to sit at the bar to drink coffee. I read the paper and blogs while my wife read her book. In about one hour, at least half the patrons had left. Kenneth, did you tell everyone to leave?

Next up? The Dixon Gallery for the Forain exhibit. First of all, check out the Daniel Tacker exhibit to the left of the main exhibit. Daniel Tacker is a local artist. See his stuff. I was surprised how great his work is. There are two smaller blue works side by side that I really liked, plus the larger work at the end of the hall. See more information about Daniel Tacker here.

On to the Forain exhibit. Let me say, the presentation of the exhibit was great. This is a first class job. The works featured were great as well. The painted fans, the mosaics, the stained glass; all were excellent works. Working in show business for so many years, I found it interesting many of his works were based on theater themes. Read more about Forain from wiki here. Please do yourself a favor and see this exhibit. You will be very pleased.

Tickets to the Dixon

The Dixon Gardens

Forain Exhibit

Forain Exhibit


The evening found us at The Bayou Restaurant to meet a friend for dinner. We had a $2o deal coupon. I even ordered a Fat Tire beer in order to be entered into the drawing to win a bicycle. Cool.


We ordered the ribs again, which were good.








Dinner was fine and I asked for the check. The total bill came to $22 and change. I gave the waitress our coupon and a ten dollar bill. After several minutes later I had to ask for change. You want a $10 tip on a $20 check? Really? I always tip on the full amount and always give a 20% tip. A $4 tip seems appropriate. A $10 tip does not seem appropriate.

Oh yeah, I picked up a skull ring in Southaven, MS yesterday. The store didn’t have many rings in inventory, but the owner said she would order more rings Monday. Cool!

Skull Ring!


Skull Ring

We had a great weekend Midtown. The work week is right around the corner. Get yourself some coffee, stay cool and live loud Midtown!