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Saturday has arrived! Good day to you Midtown.

Is anyone up for iced coffee this morning? I made my way to Coffee Town to read the news and catch up on some blogs. After my two cups of iced coffee, I said goodbye to the staff and headed to the store for a few items.

Feeling hungry a couple of hours later, I jumped on my bicycle and headed to Slider Inn (Peabody and Cooper). They have parking for bikes! Cool. Republic Coffee, where is your bike rack?

The door was open and a few cars were parked outside at 1:45 p.m. As I walked to the bar the waitress said the place would not open until 5:00 p.m. Hmmm… I really wanted to have a couple of beers and try the place out. Well if I can’t spend my money at Slider Inn, I bet Central BBQ will take my money. A few moments later I was at Central BBQ. “One regular pork sandwich please with slow on the side”. Yep, they took my money alright. Even though it was a bit hot outside, I sat on the patio and enjoyed the small meal.

The best part of the afternoon was just riding my bike, with no where to be at. No timeline, no deadline, no rush at all. I even left my tool kit at home, figuring if something broke, I could just walk the bike home.

Plans for the afternoon? A trip to Mississippi for rings. Rings? Yes rings. I have been looking to purchase some “skull” rings for my hands, but haven’t found any here in Memphis. A “pirate” at Cooper Young said that the Leather goods shop on Goodman Rd. sold rings there. So in a matter of minutes I will headed south.

Plans for tonight? We are meeting some friends at the Brass Door. This is the new Irish Pub downtown on Madison. Remember, there is the Cycle Memphis Bide Ride tonight. Maybe next time folks.

Whatever you do Midtown, have fun, keep cool, and live loud!

See you Sunday for more coffee, bacon and bikes.