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Finally Friday Midtown. Celebrate with bacon.

After I had my cup of iced coffee, I started my ride on the Greenline to work. No news is good news while on the Greenline.

Work, work, work and I was finished. I must have been out of it today since I forgot to eat my lunch.

When I left work, I saw a terrible accident on Walnut Grove Rd. near Shelby Farms. This is a dangerous stretch of road people. Be carefull.

I noticed my bottle of vodka was near empty when I arrived at home. Off to Tip Top Liquor store. As I was driving there, I saw that Slider Inn was VERY busy. I may have to investigate this new place tomorrow, at least for a beer.

Memphis Library, when will I get my e-book? Waiting, waiting, waiting. At least I am not waiting in line in N.Y.C. for a library book. Just waiting…

Cycle Memphis has published the route for the Saturday evening bike ride. Find it here. Thank you Fix Memphis! (The blog I attempt to read as much as I can). My wife has made other plans for us, or I would have been there for the fun ride. Maybe next time. (Or I can do the ride myself one day this week!)

Stuff to do in Memphis. Click on the picture below. Here comes the weekend! Yeah baby!

click on the picture for events