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Are you thirsty Midtown? Because it is “Thirsty Thursday”!

So a few house keeping notes. Yes the Memphis Flyer is giving away tickets to Journey at the Fedex Forum. No I am not the big Journey fan. My wife enjoys the music though. Win FREE tickets = I don’t have to pay for tickets. I have worked a few Journey shows in the past. They are a fun band. Wait for the last six or so songs. Their finale is karaoke for the audience. If you grew up in the 80’s, then you know all the words. Especially if you are drinking while watching the show. I’ve been there and witnessed the event. And the band tour manager is a very nice guy. He gave us all tour t-shirts when we worked the shows.

This morning I rolled into Republic Coffee and the wifi was DOWN. In the past the wifi has been a bit iffy at times, but this morning nothing roused the internet gods. When I asked what the deal was, I was informed the shop had received a new router and the router had yet to be adjusted 😦  Trying the read the news please.

The bike ride to work was easy. Nothing to report. Well a little something. Crossing Walnut Grove at Farm Rd. I waited for the light to change and started my trip across the intersection. I waved at a guy driving a truck to make sure he saw me in the intersection as he was about to turn left. He waved back… and never stopped for me. I had to stop for him so he could make his turn, even though I had the right of way. Bad intersection folks. I see so many cars running the red light here.

Work, work, work…. Real World M-TV, work, work, work. What? Yes, I had the chance to listen to college graduates discuss the Real World for half an hour. Wow. You graduate from college and this is what you discuss? Where are my headphones?

I was about to leave work, dressed in my biking shorts and helmet when a teenager saw me and stopped me. He asked me “Are you the guy who rides his bike to work every day?” Me- “Yes  I am. 22 miles a day”. Him “Holy cow”. Me- “Easy Breezy”. (Let me state, I come from south central Texas and I am used to heat. I have commuted by bike in my past. I can do this and you can do this. Just buy the bike and get started.)

The ride home was cooler than expected. There were few people out and about this afternoon, either scared off by the heat or rain. And I found the super secret entrance to the Greenline! I had noticed in the past a few people just walking off into the bushes near the 2.5 mile marker. “I wonder what they are doing?” So today I stopped. Apparently someone has placed a plank to get across a culvert. The exact secret entrance is between the 3 mile and 2.5 mile marker. (.14 miles from the 2.5 mile marker heading west, near the house very close to the Greenline without a fence.)

The Secret Entrance to the Greenline

House near the secret greenline entrance

Arriving home we had a take out salad from Republic Coffee for dinner. Excellent!

Up next it was Cooper Young First Thursday. What I noticed the most was that there were many people there, but most of the people were indoors. I guess many people were scared off by the heat or threat of rain.

Something new we found; a pirate convention in Memphis! Labor Day weekend. And some inside information; the pirates are meeting at Celtic Crossing the Friday of Labor Day for some pirate drinking. Get more information here.


How did we find out about the pirate convention? The pirates invaded Cooper Young tonight. We spoke to a few pirates. It took them several moments to realize that I had a skull polo shirt on, and a skull bracelet and a skull belt.

Did you know that Elvis was a vampire? He was!

The Imagine Vegan Cafe has beer!

3 dollar beer!

More stuff we saw at Cooper Young First Thursday:

Close the door FOOL!

That is all kids. I am beat. I haven’t read the news or my favorite blogs. Time for orange juice and vodka. Get ready for Bacon Friday! Cheers!

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