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Good day Midtown. Is it still 104°? I worked late last night until 7:30 PM. After work, when no one was looking, I did the driving course I had found a few days earlier on my bike.  As I was leaving the coned course, I noticed the sun was going down at the time. By the time I made it to the beginning of the Greenline it was near dark. By the time I reached Podesta Street, it was pitch dark. I was surprised how many people were using the Greenline this late at night. I am sure riding the Greenline at night can be fun, but I only wanted to get home. Even with my headlight on, I still did not feel comfortable riding alone at night. Can you imagine trying to fix a bike at night by yourself? Oh, and thanks to the driver who skidded to a stop AFTER the crossing lane on Highland and the Greenline. Yeah, I was already out in the crossing lane when you discovered why every other car had stopped at the crossing lane except yourself. But thanks for the thought of stopping after the fact. I finished my ride by 8:45 PM.

This morning I started my ride to work after having an iced coffee. I must’ve still been asleep since I left my credit card on the counter. Ooops.  Easy ride to work on the Greenline this morning.

Work, work, work, and I was done. Now out into the blazing 104° heat. Thanks Memphis! I took the ride home easy. Two bottles of water helped the ride. The heat really didn’t affect me that much, but I notice there were far fewer people using the Greenline this evening. Or am I the only doofus riding my bike in this heat? After arriving home I notice we were short on orange juice, so off to Ike’s I went. It was only 96°, but the bike ride was easy.

(By the way I am using Dragon dictation software for the Iphone to type this post. It is a very cool app. I highly recommend it).

I just found out the Memphis Flyer is giving away two free tickets to Journey at Fedex Forum every Friday for the next few weeks. To enter the drawing, go here to enter. Thanks Memphis Flyer.

Remember, Cooper Young First Thursday is tomorrow evening. Slider Inn is opening Friday at 5:00 p.m. Many things to do Midtown. Stay cool (drink iced coffee!), have fun and rock out.

Thirsty Thursday, here I come!