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Monday Madness Midtown. Did you survive Monday?

I started the day at the coffee shop. There were not many coffee drinkers at the shop early in the morning. Sleeping in Midtown? I wish I were. Had my cup of iced coffee and I was off to the Greenline. A pleasant bike ride to work and nothing unusual to report, until near the end of my ride. I discovered Ford has set up a large driving course on a large private parking lot, complete with cones and stripes. From what I hear, the course will be set up for two days. So after the course was complete, and when no one was looking…. I had to take my bike through the course 🙂

Large cone course

Pedal, pedal, pedal through the course. Fun. If you don’t want me to ride on the course, don’t leave the course unguarded. (By the way, I won the race!)

A bit of a dumb day at work, and 8 hours later I was finished. Four more days and my work days will return to normal. How does that affect you the reader. Probably MORNING posts instead of evening posts. And f.y.i. the Scotch Tape police was on patrol today. I found a suspicious 8 1/2 by 11 white paper TAPED to a door this morning. I had to make the call. Me – “I found a piece of paper taped to the front door”. Office “Okay, we will take care of it”. I am not kidding. I wish I were making this stuff up. Staff was immediately sent to take care of the offending piece of paper taped to the door. Yes tax payers, you are paying for this stupidity. Really.

The real identity of D.B. Cooper may be closer to being revealed. The L.A. Times reports that authorities are looking into a new suspect. Read more about it here from L.A. Times. Of course every few years there is a new suspect that doesn’t pan out. Take for example Jack the Ripper.

Oh I forgot. I snagged a Tennessee Tease Invade Cult Movie show poster today. I will have to frame the very cool poster. I dig the 70’s.

Speaking of things hanging on the wall, I found this picture frame by the dumpster a few months ago. A couple who are / were/ are not in love.

Discarded love

So what happened? I noticed the bottom of the frame has a dent. Did it fall? Was it thrown? If the frame is by the trash, does this mean that the relationship is trash? Weird. I just put it out to the trash again.

Come back tomorrow for more Scotch Tape police, discarded love, iced coffee and driving courses.

Remember, First Thursday Cooper Young is Thursday, Slider Inn opening this Friday night. The “Happy B-day Rock-n-Roll” show is occurring at the Levitt Shell August 9th at 8:00 p.m. $15 tickets ($20 at the door). Pete Best and the Pete Best Band will perform. Sounds fun. Get more information here from the Levitt Shell.

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