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Sunday is here Midtown. Wake up, shake off your saturday and get moving.

What did we do last night? The first stop was The Bayou at Overton Square. We had a FREE $20 voucher for food, so we ordered up some ribs. Good food, and even better since it was free. We even had leftovers to take home.

FREE dinner at the Bayou. Thanks!

Next up? Tennessee Tease at the Evergreen Theatre.

Cult Movie Classics Tennessee Tease

This was my first visit to this theater. I was surprised how large the stage was. The theater appears to sit about 150 people. From the looks of it, most of the seats were taken. I recognized a few people from the Midtown neighborhood in attendance. Let’s get the show started.

The theme of the show was cult movies. You do not need to be a movie nerd to appreciate the great movies featured. Black Lodge Video (the sponsor of the show) did an excellent job of providing some great film clips for the women to perform to. Although it was a little difficult to watch the video and watch the performers at the same time. The film clips were distracting me somewhat from the performers. This event is a great concept, tying the Tennessee Tease and great movies together. My only advice would be to tighten the show up. Two plus hours is a difficult show to pull off unless you have very good material.

SPOILER ALERT! If you are attending the Sunday show, skip this part of the blog. I am giving away many key movie clips and show scenes.

The first half of the show starts with Beetle Juice. A fun way to start the show. “Daylight come and me want to go home”. Get that conga line moving.

Conga Line

Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon comes next. The fire dancer was good for this film clip. The fire and Bruce Lee really worked well together. Next up, a favorite movie of mine, Brazil. The flying hero scene was played up by Fatty M who did a fan dance while a clip from the film was played in the background. Nice fan dance. Is anyone a fan of Twin Peaks? Dead girl in a plastic bag mind you, with an investigator on the case. I was never a fan of twin peaks, but the dead girl gets up for a dance. Grease, the next film featured, was a weak bit. The female vocalist had a great voice, but not a strong voice. You want a strong film clip? From Dusk till Dawn featured an excellent dancer who really put the shake into the part of Satanico Pandemonium. Great choice and great dancing. If you are a Pink Floyd fan, you would enjoy The Wall clip. The dancer went from a masked dictator to naughty school teacher.

The Wall

How about a white Russian with the Dude? The Big Lebowskie featured The Dude and a curvy dancer. The Dude sang and the dancer danced and teased the audience. Remember American Beauty? A favorite movie of mine. Fatty danced as Kevin Spacey dreamed of rose petals. Speaking of rose petals, Fatty was wearing some interesting rose petals during this number. And if you enjoy horror movies, the horror film tribute was up next. Good old horror movies. And just to horrify the audience, the show’s announcer really got into the act. The old “pound a nail up your nose bit” with music from the film Donnie Darko. No he didn’t have to say a word, the hammer and nail did all the talking. I really couldn’t watch this bit of the show. Good bit, just to much for me. The next one, “Barbarella”, takes you to groovy outer space. Fatty danced and pointed her ray gun at the audience. Back to horror and Bela Lugosi. As the film clip ran in the background, Vampira takes a bite from the hypnotized female victim (including fake blood). Best part? Two words; Bat Boobs. I never saw the film “The Nightmare before Christmas”, but this was next, featuring the fire dancer. With the film clip running in the background, the fire and movie were hypnotizing. Good combination here. Rocky Horror fans? Yes, that was included as well. The only problem was the female vocalist who had the good, but weak voice. Nearing the end of the show, Metropolis was featured. I do not know where one gets a headdress like the one the dancer had on, but it was silver, shiny and eye-catching. The film clip from Metropolis running in the background was great, and went very well with the dancing. Do you like your dancing dirty? Not my favorite movie (Okay I have never watched the movie, but I still do not like it). I didn’t write up EVERY film featured, but I wrote up most of the featured clips. The music for the dancers was very good as well.

All in all Tennessee Tease did a great job, as well as Black Lodge Video for assembling the film clips. Tighten the show up, and the show is great. The audience was told that the show would be going on the road for a few dates. Cool. $12 for a few hours of live entertainment is a good deal Midtown. Go attend the event Sunday evening, 7:30 p.m. 1705 Poplar Ave. What? You have never attended a burlesque show before? It is not what you think. You see more skin at the beach. The show is about life, having some naughty fun and pushing the limits. Go!

Some spanking going on.


Sunday we woke early and took our bikes to the Greenline. Many people were like minded and were riding their bikes along the Greenline. We rode 5 miles, then stopped in at Republic Coffee for some iced coffee.

Next up? A quick breakfast and then the movies. “Crazy, stupid, love” is much funnier than I thought it would be. Fun movie, go check it out. A big shout out to Barb and Todd for giving us the 2011 Movie Guide by Leonard Maltin. This book is HUGE. (I already checked. “The Rock” is listed. The first film I looked up in the guide.)

Some of the vanity plates while out and about today.


Dan Brown's car

chrg me 2

We stopped by Easy Way for veggies to make some great salad. I love some cool salad in the summer.

Plans for Sunday night? Burgers, chicken, steak, sausage on the grill.

Get ready for the work week Midtown, because… HERE IT COMES!

By the way, Slider Inn (corner of Cooper and Peabody) is opening this Friday at 5:00 p.m. I am making plans to try out the new neighborhood bar. Go try it out Midtown.

Slider Inn

Come back tomorrow for more Tease, Greenline and iced coffee.

Stuff to do in Memphis