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Finally Friday Midtown. Or Bacon Friday, whatever you like.

So, no bike ride to work this morning. I was headed to Trolley Night downtown so I put gas in the vehicle (the first time in two weeks).

Work, work, work and it was 5:00 p.m. (the lost printer arrived via Fedex, UPS is CONTINUING to attempt to deliver a printer to my home address. “Uh, I’m at work”).

Sooo… this evening we made our way downtown. There were not many people out for Trolley Night at 6:00 p.m. We met some friends at the Blues Foundation (www.blues.org). If you haven’t been by, check the Blues Foundation out. Cool autographed guitars hang from the walls with pictures of various artists. Paintings and cool artwork are also on display.

The Blues Foundation

I LOVE this table.

Guitars on the wall.

The girls fighting over the throne.

Go to the Blues Foundation downtown. 421 S. Main, downtown Memphis. Now, for something extra cool. We had a PRIVATE tour of the roped off space. The Blues Foundation has a TON of guitars not on display to the public. One of them is this.

Stones Autographed Guitar

 Yep. It is a Rolling Stones autographed guitar. You can make out all the names on the guitar. And yes, I had to touch it. Thank you to Todd for getting us the behind the scenes tour.

Next up, the Memphis College of Art nearby. We usually go by here because they have great FREE food, and FREE wine. Good art here as well. And make sure to stop by the store near the front left as you are looking from the street. There are very good works to purchase from students, former students and faculty.

Something cool. Reminds me of Mayan works.

An untitled work. Interesting though.

 After the Memphis College of Art, we walked down the street. There is a lot that is empty and the entire lot is boarded up, except for a small doorway. Inside? “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Welcome to the jungle.

A view of the jungle inside

Barb welcoming us to the jungle

Yes, this is downtown Memphis. You can see most anything downtown Memphis.

We then walked over to the court yard next to Harry’s Detour. I believe there was to be a food cooking challenge with free food, but we found only one person cooking. (If there is only one person, is it a challenge?) I didn’t get the challengers name, but I looked over the food. He seemed to be preparing some type of spring roll in rice paper. “Is it good?” I wondered. After several minutes of pondering and watching, I gave in. It was FREE by the way. The taste? Excellent. The guy preparing the rolls said he was moving into Harry’s Detour a.s.a.p. and wanted to be open in one months time. Ambitious. Again, his food was GREAT!

Food Challenge near Harry's Detour

Food Challenge Memphis

Next up, a few more art galleries on S. Main. Bands were playing on the sidewalks and the weather was getting cooler.

A Trolley Night Band

Oh yeah, many people were wearing orange. What is with the orange? Check out the sign though.

What the orange?

Honest Abe Lincoln in Memphis

Along the way we spotted a cyclist that had a rather TALL bicycle. I had to snap a picture very quickly as he raced by, but you can see the cyclist in the center of the picture.

Center of picture, tall bicycle

Where to next? The NEW Green Beetle. We have had burgers at the Green Beetle prior to the renovation. Good food, but a bit of a dive bar atmosphere. The new renovations have brightened the place up a good deal and I am sure the Green Beetle will be a hit among tourists and locals alike. Throw in a couple of flat screens and ESPN and you are set. My wife ordered the Cobb Salad and I had the meatball sub. Good food and good prices. Go to the Green Beetle. You will like it.

The Green Beetle

The NEW Green Beetle

Now that IS a green beetle


Green Beetle Cobb Salad


Green Beetle Meatball Sub