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Welcome to Saturday. The weekend is here! What are you doing this weekend?

I slept in this morning after staying up late. Jumping on my bike, I headed to Coffee Town for iced coffee. And some bacon. Don’t forget the bacon. On the way, I was blocked by TWO trains. I headed down to Central, then north towards Poplar.

Trains, you block my path!

My plan was to read a few pages of a book at Coffee Town, but instead I surfed the internet and spoke with the staff. I did find out about the “What the orange” event downtown last night during Trolley Night. Wear orange, get free wine and beer.

What the orange event

Next on the list? The library. I must get a library card in order to download free e-books. Pedal, pedal, pedal to the library on Poplar. My application was already filled out and in minutes I had a new library card. I found an empty chair and sat down. After finding a new book I want to read, I placed the book on my waiting list. (The library sends you an email when the book is available. You have 3 days to check out the e-book or it goes to the next person waiting in line for the book). I downloaded “The Da Vinci Code” to make sure my software worked. The book downloaded in seconds. (Download the app “Overdrive”. It is free. Then sign up for the free Adobe account. This is very easy to do). I believe Kindle will soon have the function to download library books. All in all, downloading free e-books from the library is easy to do. Try it for yourself.

I parked my bike at the library

One seat, one table. Mine.

My new library card

Next up Peddler Bike Shop on Highland. So I backtrack and head to the Greenline on Tillman. Pedal, pedal, pedal to Highland. (It seemed easier to head down the Greenline than to get into traffic on Walnut Grove Rd). I turned south on Highland and made my way to Peddler. Me – “Do you have chain grease?” $10 later and I had my chain grease. It seems my bike is making a funny sound, but only in the evening (maybe the heat?). Hopefully the chain grease will take care of the odd noise. I came across this ad at the bike shop. Best ad in Memphis this year.

Let your balls do the talking.

Pedal, pedal, pedal north on Highland to Central. West on Central. Pedal, pedal, pedal to E. Parkway S. As soon as I arrived home I applied the chain grease. The bike sounds better. I will have to give the bike a good ride to make sure that the problem was taken care of.

My entire ride was about 6 miles. I am sure I screwed the map up somehow, but you get the general idea of the bike ride today. You can click on the picture to see the ride better.

Saturday bike ride

On the agenda tonight? The Tennessee Tease is performing at the Evergreen Theatre. I believe 9:00 p.m. is door time. From what I read on the www.ilovememphisblog.com you can BYOB or get drinks at the theater. Tickets are $12 day of show. And if you can’t attend the show tonight, there is also a show tomorrow night at the theater. Read more about the event here.

If you are into Bob Dylan, he is performing at Mud Island tonight. Drink a good deal of liquid, it is hot outside. Get your Dylan tickets here. “Like a rollin’ stone”.

Need more stuff to do? Check out the calendar below. Just click on it!

Stuff to do in Memphis

Come back tomorrow for more bacon, Bob Dylan, e-books and bikes. Cheers!