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Is it Friday yet? Friday 5:00 p.m. I wish it were. Thirsty Thursday turned into terrible Thursday. Iced coffee anyone?

I pulled into Coffee Town early in the morning.After a short wait, it was my turn to order. Me- “One iced coffee please”. Barista “We’re out of iced coffee”. Me- “NOOOOOOO……!!!!” Hmmm… Yeah, I kinda get iced coffee EVERY DAY. It’s kinda my thing. Alright, I make due with coffee poured over ice. And this is how the remainder of the day will play out.

The ride along the Greenline was as scheduled. Nothing to report.

Arriving at work, I attempt to track down a lost replacement printer. Yes, this printer was supposed to be in the office by Wednesday. To make matters stranger, I have been receiving UPS notices at home for a delivery. It can’t be. Yup. After several phone calls, I discovered that the printer company left off my work address from the printer shipment. So… UPS decided to route the printer to my home address. And where am I during the day? At work. It gets better. Every time I called the printer company today, the printer company told me I had to call UPS to change the mailing address. Every time I called the UPS, I was told I had to call the shipper to change the shipping address. It was a pointless morning and afternoon. And it gets better. I arrived home to find UPS attempted to deliver the printer AGAIN, even after the address was supposedly changed.

And the day gets even better. I assume that UPS doesn’t know exactly which office I am in (we are in a large complex). I print signs with big letters “UPS: deliver shipment to XXXYYY office”. That should work. As soon as I return to my office, I receive a phone call from the main office. “You cannot place signs up on the window using scotch tape”. And this is where I lose my mind. ‘WHAT THE HELL!” I walk back to the main office. I point out to the IDIOTS sitting in the main office that there are currently FIVE signs TAPED to the door at the building next door, and the signs have been there for several days. Their reaction? “There are?” Duhhhhh….

Ride my way home on the Greenline. I notice there are several signs posted at the intersections so I took a look and a picture.

Apparently there will be a water bottle give away this sunday along the Greenline. Hmmm… I may go just to take pictures.

Best thing I learned today? Check out this post from Lifehacker.com. I am going to try this out. It is soooo cooool.

Remember, stuff to do this weekend. Friday Trolley Night downtown. Saturday Night Tennessee Tease at the Evergreen Theater. Read more on stuff to do in Memphis below. Come back tomorrow for more Iced Coffee (or maybe not), missing printers, scotch  tape on windows, and trolleys.