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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get your iced coffee, it will be an interesting ride today.

I started out for work this morning a little early, 6:45 a.m. I made my way up to the Greenline, going over the Poplar / Walnut Grove bridge. I do not like this route that much, but it is direct. The bike ride was average and okay until I stopped at the intersection right before the wooden bridge heading east. I usually stop for a minute here to drink some water. A woman was waiting here for someone. She asked me where I was headed. I told here I was biking to work. She seemed amazed I was doing so. She asked how I carried my clothes to work. She had many questions, but seemed impressed. I told her I loved cycling to work daily. She said she was a teacher and doubted she could bike to work daily. She had been cycling for only one month. I said goodbye and headed on to work.

Work was work today. If you read the earlier post from today, you read about the Inside Scoop daily deal; $10 for $20 for food at Young Avenue Deli. I always get the Politically Incorrect Sandwich. I can’t remember what is on the sandwich, but the sandwich is good. Get your politically incorrect sandwich here from Inside Scoop. Y.A.D. also has good beer selections. Get some.

Cycling back home, I stopped by the new Memphis skate park, next to the dog park. Construction is under way.

I then happened upon an older man selling stuff in his front yard. He had a story about many of the items he was selling. “I got this from…” “This is the best…”. I should have taken a picture. He said he would be there a few other days selling stuff; on Avery near Hollywood.

I found the Mandler downtown.

26 miles on the bike today. All is good. Make you plans for the weekend and get out Midtown! See you here tomorrow for more daily deals and random yard sales and skate parks.