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Manic Monday Midtown. Ready or not, the week has begun.

I started the morning at Coffee Town. I sipped my iced coffee and read the news. Then it was off to the Greenline. I didn’t believe it would rain in the morning and the ride to work was nice and easy. Although I did have five days of work clothes on my back in a backpack.

Work was crazy all day today. Fun.

I was wondering if I would be able to make it back home on the Greenline because of the rain in Midtown. I decided to go for it. There were not many people out on the Greenline this afternoon. The ride home was better without the heavy backpack.

Commuting to work. Here are a few facts after I have started commuting to work. Weeks commuting: 9. Gas saved? Nearly $200.00. How many times have I been rained on? Twice, but only for a very short time each time it rained. How many flat tires? Only one and I changed the flat easily. Any accidents? No. Weight lost? Nearly 20 pounds. And I eat whatever I want now. Aren’t you exhausted every day? Not really. I am riding a bit slower to take the strain off my legs, but I average about 10.5 mph on the Greenline. Sometimes I am slower and sometimes I am faster. Is the heat killing you? Nope. I drink plenty of water while I ride. Isn’t it difficult to change clothes at work? Not really. I leave early enough and I take my time getting ready for work. Final thoughts? I LOVE riding my bike to work. It really is the best thing to do. My health is better as well as my wallet.

I checked the daily deals today, but I didn’t find much today.

I am STILL reading The Devil’s Gold by Steve Berry using my Ipod (or you can read it using the Kindle). A very good short story. I am nearing the end of the story.

Today was weird, let’s see what occurs tomorrow. Come back and find out Tuesday.

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