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Bacon Friday Midtown. Celebrate the pig.

Did you get your iced coffee? I had mine extra early in the morning. Although I do not have much time to sit around at the coffee shop during the week, I will probably hang out at Coffee Town tomorrow.

Riding to work on the Greenline this morning, I noticed two different spots where the storm had knocked down tree’s. One fallen tree fully covered the Greenline.

Other than the fallen tree’s, my ride was good.

The BRAND NEW PRINTER at work stopped working today. I was tempted to throw the printer out of the glass window. Really. I wanted to punch the printer very badly, but instead put my fist down on the desk. I called the printer company, and after 30 minutes of consulting, I was told a new printer would be shipped to our office in three days. Great. So if I want to make copies, I have to turn the printer off, then turn it back on, and HOPE that the printer will make ONE copy. Monday will be fun. Even better, I just this minute received a call from work. The power went out and all the computers shut down. And I thought I was done for the day. Monday is REALLY going to be fun.

Did you get your daily deals today? You can’t beat $10 for $20 f0r food and drinks at The Bayou or Brookhaven pub. Get your deals from www.livingsocial.com and Commercial Appeals Inside Scoop.

This was a long work week. Only two crazy work weeks to go, then my work weeks will be back to normal. The weekend is here Midtown. Stay cool, have fun and get out!