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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Iced coffee, get some.

Soo…. Bike to Work day #4. Nothing much to report. I did help a group of bike riders on the Greenline coming home though. One person had problems with a brake and needed an allen wrench. “Do you have an allen wrench?” Me – “Well yes I do!” After letting the party search through my tool kit, they found the allen wrench and fixed the brake. Remember kids, always be prepared. Multi-tool kit, CO2 compressor, air pump, and a spare tube, with tire levers. Rock on.

I also caught a picture of the buffalo at Shelby Farms in the morning.

I discovered something new today. There is a new artifact displayed on the grounds of the Agricenter (near building C and building D). The artifact looks like a large turbine with tubing. I asked an employee exactly what the thing was. “A Greene Turbine”. This turbine is submerged into a river and just turns and turns to generate electricity. The inventor? Geoff Greene, from Memphis. You can see a photo and article of Mr. Greene and his water turbine here from the Commercial Appeal. And here are the pictures from the Agricenter below.

Construction is still on going at the Holmes bridge. You can see the picture below.

Huey Lewis and the News at the Botanic Garden, Friday 7/22. Concert starts at 8:30 p.m. Get more information here.

Do you need a skull wrist band? I have plenty now. In the colors of black and brown.

You know what tomorrow is Midtown… bacon Friday. Get ready for the weekend, because here it comes. “Everybody’s working for the weekend!”

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