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Weird Wednesday Midtown. How ya doing? Is it hot enough outside for you?

I made it to Republic Coffee at ABOUT 7:00 a.m. I am still doing well at getting to the coffee shop earlier. Wednesday is day three of bike to work. I have been taking Wednesday off to drive to work, then to the Madison Bike Lane meeting. But not today. I rode my bike to work. My average speed daily has been about 10 miles per hour. I arrive at work about 1 hour and 5-10 minutes after I start. My body isn’t worn out and I feel good. That five to ten minutes extra makes the bike ride to work so much better. Even in the heat, I feel fine most days. 11.3 miles each way. But who is counting miles.

Memphis City Schools starting late this year? That is what is in the news. MCS is in a sad state of affairs and it is only the children that pay the penalty.

Lately I have been taking a nap on my lunch hour. I find a nice empty, cool office and sit and relax. The strange part is that I have been listening to one song that puts me to sleep. This is the only classical music song I have on my Ipod. The song? The intro to “Barber of Seville“. I just put on the headphones and lower the volume and put the song on repeat and I fall asleep instantly. This trick also works for me with the movie “National Treasure“. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Barber and Treasure, but for some reason they both put me to sleep instantly.

If you read Lifehacker.com daily, you may have caught this article. Weekly ads from your local newspaper on your Iphone. I may have to try this app out. The app sounds interesting.

Thirsty Thursday is tomorrow. Get ready Midtown. Stay cool and come back for more love tomorrow.