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What are the lyrics to the song (that I don’t like)? “Just another manic monday”. Yup, it was a manic monday Midtown. It is Monday July 18th. Here-we-go.

Stopping by the coffee shop EARLY, (I made it to the coffee shop BEFORE 7:00 a.m., stumbling in as I arrived). I ordered my iced coffee and attempted to read the news. Anything that I read was hit and miss.

I did find a poster for the new Tennessee Tease show at the Evergreen Theater. Three shows, Fri., Sat. and Sunday 7/29, 7/7/30 and 31st. Tickets start at $10. You can read all the information from the poster.

By the way TNT, GREAT poster. Attention bands. ADVERTISE YOUR SHOWS WITH POSTERS. Having a Facebook page or a video on Youtube DOES NOTHING to get people to notice you. How are people going to know about your show without advertising. You may be the BEST BAND in Memphis, but if no one knows about your show, it is pointless to be in show BUSINESS. Yup, it is a business. I worked in show business for 15 years. Advertise!

Leaving the coffee shop I finally TOOK MY TIME to ride to work. One hour and ten minutes later, I was at work. And I felt GREAT! That ten minutes makes a difference.

After I cleaned up, I found that BOTH printers on my desk didn’t work… at all. Just the way I like to start a Monday. To remedy this, my boss went out to purchase a new printer. Great, except now I have to set the darn thing up. Two hours later, and it works, sort of. The mail printer can’t find the printer. So no mail going out today. Then I called the postage company and after 45 minutes I had the postage meter recognizing the printer. The work day was LONG.

Before leaving work I used an air compressor to inflate my tires. Remember, I am trying to SLOW down. This worked well until I started the Greenline. The bike computer was reading 15 and 16 m.p.h. I am trying to go slow! I can’t remember which intersection it was, but a dad set up a lemonade stand for his two girls to give away FREE lemonade and dog bones.

I stopped and chatted and had a glass of lemonade. The girls FREAKED OUT when they saw a dog. “It’s a dog! He’s coming!” The lemonade stand made me think. I wonder why youth groups couldn’t sell bottled water at various intersections on the weekends along the Greenline? These groups are already doing so on the streets (legally or illegally). As long as the groups do not get in the way of walkers, joggers or cyclists on the Greenline, I wouldn’t mind giving the youth groups a dollar for a water.

As I neared the end of my ride I checked the bike computer. This evening was the fastest ride I ever made. I wasn’t even trying. Weird.

I would have put a new calendar of events up, but Google Calendar is fighting me tooth and nail.

Come back tomorrow for more lemonade and Tennessee Tease.