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Great weekend Midtown. I loved it. Your work week is about to begin, but let me tell you about today.

Last night we decided to go on a night bike ride around the Cooper Young neighborhood. A very nice ride at night. You can see the route below.

This morning we stopped in at Republic Coffee for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and iced coffee. A great way to start the day.

This afternoon I attended the Tour de Bird bike ride. About 20 cyclists met at First Congo church at Cooper Young. I received my $7.00 ticket and we waited for our police escort. At 4:30 we set off to downtown with two motorcycles and a police car escort. I believe we didn’t have to stop ONCE on our ride downtown. The police held all of the intersections for the riders as we went downtown. Once we were at the stadium we waited at the center field gate. After about thirty minutes, we were introduced to the audience and allowed to ride our bikes around the outfield. Cool! I even video taped the ride on the field. (If I can figure out how to convert the video, I will post the video). We were then allowed inside the stadium at a side gate and we placed our bikes in a closed off area. Next up? An iced cold beer. Thank you Ghost River. Support local beer! I wished I could have stayed for the entire game, but I promised my wife I would have dinner with her. Really, do this ride. Tour de Bird is GREAT! There is another bike ride coming up soon. Go!

I wish I had more time to write more things. Such a great weekend. Have fun Midtown and I will see you here tomorrow.