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Saturday is HERE Midtown. What did you do today? My plans changed from the get go. Instead of sleeping in late, I woke up early at 6:30 a.m. I guess my routine has changed to wake during the early hours.

My wife TOLD me that I had to have my vehicle inspected at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station today. She went to the new Appling Road station earlier this week. I checked the live online camera’s this morning at the station. There didn’t appear to be anyone at the station. Was it closed? Nooo… there weren’t any cars in line. Hmmm… So I headed out early for the vehicle inspection station. I headed up 40, and exited at the North Appling Rd. exit. After your make your way North on Appling Rd., take the very first left you can make, you will see the inspection station on your right. I only had to wait for one car. Are you kidding? Easy breezy. I asked the employee if the station was always so empty. She said a good portion of the time it is very slow at the Appling inspection station. Go here! You will not wait in line over an hour like you used to at the White Station inspection station. My truck passed inspection, but I had an error message. Looking up the error number, I found that I have a stuck manifold intake runner controller (or a leak in the hose). BUT, after several hours of research online, I found that I can fix the problem myself. The replacement part is about $100, although I may be looking for a used part. Apparently it is a common problem with my make and model of truck.

After passing my inspection I stopped in at Republic Coffee for some iced coffee. I stayed there reading the paper and chatting with the staff for about one and a half hours. Republic Coffee is a great place to relax.

After my wife finished work, we headed to Studio on the Square for the movie “Midnight in Paris”. I travelled to Paris yearly from 2000-2006. Yup, every year I would stop in Paris for a week or two. Every year I had different daily adventures and I loved it. I came close to opening a bank account in the city since I was there so much. I had my favorite pastry shops and coffee shops. I found great pizza and mexican food in the city as well. My favorite experiences were riding the subways all over town. Below is a picture from my first visit to Paris.

I really used black and white FILM to take this picture. Remember FILM?

“Midnight in Paris” is a great movie. Go see it! The movie is light, amusing, warm and romantic. And if you are an art or literary buff, bonus points for you. I am not a Woody Allen fan, but this movie is very good.

After the movie we stopped in at Memphis Pizza Cafe for dinner. I had a Hawaiian salad. The salad was a cool reward on a hot day. I recommend this salad.

And below is the Greek Salad.

I am reading a preview of “The Devil Colony” by James Rollins. Yup, I’m going to have to buy this book. The preview is awesome. I really like this author. Check out the book here. And read the book on your Kindle.

Oh yeah. I purchased a Groupon for Old Navy several weeks ago. $10 for $20 from Old Navy. My wife went by Old Navy today to use the Groupon. This is what she purchased. One white skull shirt, some shorts, and a superman t-shirt. All for $10. You cannot beat that deal.

We may go out for a bike ride tonight as soon as it cools down. Keep cool Midtown and enjoy your Sunday! Remember, Tour de Bird is tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:30 p.m. departing from First Congo Church. The cost? $7.00. Go! You can click on the calendar below to find events! Cheers!