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Is it Monday Midtown? Raise your hand. Who had a flat tire on a bike on the way to work? ME! Wait. What? I’m excited. Well maybe.

I start my morning on the Greenline, using those nifty crossing lights to cross at Highland. Thanks city of Memphis for crossing lights.

Nearing the end of my ride, as I crossed over Walnut Grove to Farm Rd. I noticed my rear tire felt funny. I had a flat tire. I JUST purchased tire levers and CO2 compressed air two days ago. What are the chances? BUT it was a good test. The CO2 inflator worked great. Get one! I will write more about this later. I used the inflator to limp the last two miles to work.

During my lunch hour I started to fix the flat. For those keeping score at home, the last time I fixed a flat tire was in 1999 or about then. Really. And from what I remember it took me one hour to fix the flat. I guess it would help if you have the correct tools to fix the flat. NOW I have the right tools. I set the timer. Really. How long would it take me to fix the flat tire? The hardest part was removing the tire. After I did that, the total time it took to fix the tire was 12 minutes. Good time yeah? I was happy with that.

When I left work, I started my way back home. I seemed to be moving faster. How is this possible? I was sure it was due to the heat. The temperature on my bike computer showed 101 degrees. It must be the heat. I am hallucinating. I cannot really be riding faster. What gives? Instead of averaging 10 or 11 miles per hour, I was moving 13 or 14 miles per hour. I am not sure if I corrected a mistake from the bike shop I took the bike to last month or corrected some minor problem, but I was really moving easier than any time prior. I love it.

After I arrived home, I picked up an extra tire tube. Oh and thank you to whoever bothered to stop and ask if I needed help on the Farm Rd. today. It was appreciated.

I wish I had more to write about, but my day was very busy and it is nearly 10:00 p.m. Time to sleep. Remember the Madison Bike Lane meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday at 5:30 at Minglewood Hall. Go! Speak up if you are for bike lanes, against bike lanes, or whatever. Complaining about the outcome later does nothing to help your cause. Speak up Midtown!

See you tomorrow for more iced coffee and NO flat tires. Cheers!